Wattpad: The ‘Social Media Platform’ for Writers & Bloggers

A cross between a social network and a publishing platform, Wattpad was started in 2006 to allow budding and established writers to share their work and build a following.

Writers can upload their work, build fans and receive instant feedback. Readers can comment, follow, interact and even create new chapters or spin-offs from original text. Scribes typically publish serial fiction and readers get updates via mobile push notifications when new chapters are added.

Wattpad currently supports 30 different languages. Most of the site’s traffic, though, comes from mobile devices—and Wattpad's apps for the two major mobile operating systems, Android and iOS, enjoy good patronage.

Even in an age where literature can be shared digitally, Wattpad will not keep readers of physical books out of the loop. The company is launching a “fan funding” platform to encourage popular Wattpad writers to publish their work (with a solid base of support—some financial in nature—behind it). More importantly though, Wattpad plans to tie up with a leading independent publisher in the United States to publish books under its imprint.

 “A lot of writers are afraid of sharing their work,” formal CEO of Wattpad explained “And if you hide your work, you miss the opportunity to let other people appreciate your writing, and also missing some big opportunities in the process—your story might even become a movie, for example.”

It is a definitely an exciting time for readers and writers who find the courage both to explore and to share. Those seeking a career in writting should definately have a look to this social site.


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