How to Wear Vintage in the Office

Is it ever OK to wear vintage style in the office or is it just too outlandish, or too stand out? There are ways to wear vintage in the office without looking like a 50’s throwback or like you are going to a fancy dress party, so please read on…

With the influence of successful TV series ‘Mad Men’ and an uprising interest in vintage style and our revitalized make do and mend culture ofrepurposing items, you can re-create a ‘sexy secretary’ look without looking overdone and combine your love of fashion with your work wear – vintage can be acceptable if done right!


1# Choose Classic Pieces Look for neat fitted jackets or a classic blazer or a shift dress or fitting pencil skirt – these are key elements to getting the look right. Go for neutral colours where possible.

2# Choose Vintage Accessories These can be used with your normal every day work wear and create an added sense of style to the office. Choose an unusual piece of jewelry, a printed silk scarf or a unique bag to update your normal office look.


3# Mix and Match Picking a modern trouser and wearing a 40’s or 50’s jacket will give you an elegant yet up to date look. A 60’s shift dress with a modern cashmere cardigan and flat pumps will still give you a vintage vibe without looking like you stepped out of history.

4# Tailor Your Vintage Finds Always make sure your vintage finds fit perfectly by having them tailored to fit you. You will always look smart and stylish when the clothes are a perfect fit.

5# Save Buttons Always keep spare buttons from vintage items that have lost their appeal or just got worn out. These are fabulous for updating your classic white modern shirt, creating your own unique garment and mixing vintage and office.


6# Know Your Body Shape This will help you to find perfect vintage fit and know which styles work for you. A straight up and down pencil shape will look good in a short 60’s shift dress or a 70’s trouser with a modern fitted shirt. A curvy hourglass will look good in a fitted 50’s frock or a 70’s wrap dress.

7# Personal Taste Vintage isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, especially in the workplace but used well it doesn’t look out of place and your uniqueness and personality shine through. People will be wondering where you buy your clothes from!

8# Don’t Wear Head to Toe If you love the look, mix it up and don’t just wear it head to toe. One day wear your modern trouser suit with a ‘Victory Roll” hairstyle for a contemporary twist. Or wear your 60’s make up with dressed down Friday jeans and a fitted shirt.


9# Finally Formal… Be stylish and create your own individual look without being full on vintage. Stick to office rules by not wearing anything too outlandish or revealing. Be unique but not distracting!

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