Wearable Tech - Options for Professionals

Wearable Tech - Options for Professionals

The world of wearable tech has moved on somewhat since the calculator watch of the 1980s. You can now wear devices that allow you to stay connected, get fit, keep up with the news and keep healthy; and many of the choices available are eminently suitable for wearing at work. Whilst the original devices that appeared on the market were criticised for being clunky and more aimed at a male audience (if nothing else, then so they could be hidden under a suit jacket!), technology firms and start ups are moving swiftly to make wearable tech watches more pleasing to the eye as well as functional.

So, if you’re ready to leap into the world of the high tech watch, some of the best and most popular choices are suggested below.

Motorola Moto 360 smart watch

This watch, with its stylish good looks and circular display, takes a step away from other smart watches which still look clunky, rather more like a miniature smart phone on the wrist. It comes in at around £199 ($250) to buy online. The display allows alerts, messages and crucial information to be discretely accessed, with the settings designed to intuitively predict the sort of details you might be looking for, such as commute times or local weather information. The downside to all this functionality appears to be in a short battery life, which is often a point of criticism - but with a new version due for release next year, this will surely be rectified. 

LG G Watch R

This watch is slightly more expensive than the Motorola 360 at around £225, but with better battery life and a slightly lighter and thinner design. It comes with a standard strap, but this can be switched for an alternative if you prefer. The design is fashion led, and so a matter of personal taste - but it is one of the more traditional looking smart watches out there. 

Martian Notifier

With an analogue, traditional look which sits well as well under a business suit as for a casual occasion, the Martian Notifier allows users to discretely receive messages and alerts. Information such as caller ID, texts, Facebook, Twitter, Weather, Email, Calendar, Instagram, Pinterest, favourite games, bank alerts and fitness stats can be programmed to show on the device, along with customised settings such as voice activation. 

Apple Watch

Coming soon and one of the most hyped of the wearable tech due to hit early next year, the Apple Watch is sure to be a massive hit. The design is slick, and - being an apple product - will doubtless prove user friendly and intuitive to use. There are multiple choices for straps and watch faces, to allow you to tailor your watch to your look, and the functionality takes much of the best of the iPhone range with interesting new features such as an ability to discretely contact friends wearing the watch with an agreed code, such as a tap on the screen to indicate you’re about to leave the party you’re all at. 

Whether you’re looking for a Christmas gift for the man who has everything, or a treat for yourself, you have a good, and ever increasing range of high teach smart watches to choose from. It is an area of wearable tech that is developing rapidly, so do your research before buying as the market will shift with new releases - and the smart watch could become commonplace in offices in 2015.