Welcome to unemployment! Willing to get out?

Whether you're ready to take that next step in your career, or you lost your job, it is important that you never forget one thing: you are a winner. Be assured that sooner or later you will find a job, and whilst it may not be the one you dreamed about, it is still a huge step in the right direction. As the saying goes "It's easy to find a new job when you are already in a job!"

It is the process of uncertainty - "Will I find a job or not?"  - is difficult for unemployed people to handle, and it can make it even harder to remain positive when job searching. To counter these effects that undermine self-esteem, we have compiled 9 tips to get out of the world of unemployment.

Think positive

Always think positive: see the glass half full and not half empty. If nobody hires you, you can become pessimistic. Your attitude is fundamental when you hit the streets in search of a job as well as at the time of the job interview. If you portray sadness, worry or upset, this will be conveyed (whether you realise it or not) in an interview, and this can be very detrimental to your progression. Remember that your best weapon is being positive.

Ready, believe it or not

If you've had many jobs in a short time, do not become demoralised. Justify each work experience to yourself; after all, each job is a chance for you to learn new things and gain new skills. 

Work on areas you need to improve on, and search for jobs that involve skills you know that you have and enjoy!

Sell ​​yourself well

Use your contacts and relationships. Encourage and use your social relationships as a conduit for your business needs. This is the well-known "networking". Many people have found or have improved their work by the contacts and feedback from others.

Become a sales agent for yourself. Prepare a strategy to promote yourself in the best way possible. Start with where you are and where you want to be. Sell ​​yourself.

Be direct and clear

Be direct, clear and concise. You need to master the skill of hgihlighting your skills inline with the needs of the interviewer. 

Listen carefully

Keep your eyes open, never lie, and always listen carefully to what the recruiter is asking you. 

Oscar Wilde wrote that "Work is the refuge of people who have nothing better to do." Wilde probably would not have endorsed such a claim if he had found the need to become independent or to support a family though!