What Are the Duties of a Passenger Service Assistant

What Are the Duties of a Passenger Service Assistant

If you’re considering getting in the field of transportation, you should consider working as a Passenger Service Assistance. It’s an exciting field that will constantly keep you on the move. As a PSA, your work is to ensure the smooth movement of people from one point to another and that the operations of the transport provider go on without interruptions. Most PSA’s work in airlines, however, others also serve bus stations, railway stations and subways.

Ground Host

Before passengers board, you’re the first one on the ground to receive, host and see them off. You need to ensure that you’re visible and will be provided with a reflector jacket for this. Your services as ground host might extend to escorting young children travelling alone, disabled or elderly people who are otherwise unable to help themselves before eventually handing them over to the staff aboard the airplane, bus or train they’ll be travelling in.


You need to ensure that passengers’ travelling documents such as tickets, boarding passes, passports and IDs are in order. Once a passenger hands you the relevant documents, your job is to countercheck with the computer records or electronic kiosk that the information you have corresponds. In addition to this, you have to ensure that they have tagged their baggage and that none of their bags exceed the requisite size or weight allowed in the transport vessel.


You’re responsible for coordinating the boarding and deplaning of passengers from the waiting lounge to the vehicle and vice versa. While letting passengers get on board, you’ll need to check that each boarding pass corresponds with the number of the waiting vessel and its final destination. You’re required to help passengers with special needs such as wheelchairs, crutches and other necessary items.


You may be required to handle certain degrees of surveillance work; this includes asking passengers security questions, following up on unattended baggage or packages and going over safety procedures with passengers. As a PSA, you have to be vigilant and keenly observe your working environment to ensure there are no threats to the security of passengers. You may have to deal with unruly or rude passengers so remember to be professional at all times.


It is your duty to make announcements about the times when flights or trains are due to arrive and depart. When and where passengers are required to board and let passengers know if there are any changes to the schedule. You have to convey this information clearly and project your voice well for clarity and understanding among the passengers you are relaying the news to. You should be available to respond to queries from passengers, therefore, ensure your knowledge is accurate and comprehensive.

Working as a PSA tests your patience and challenges you. You’ll be required to put in long hours, sometimes more than 30 hours and be physically fit. However, it is an enjoyable and rewarding job that improves your people skills. It will constantly refresh your experience in the field as it lets you meet many different people.


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