What Career Should You Actually Have?

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Ben Fanning

For some people, it is easy to determine what career they want to get into as this becomes obvious to them from quite a young age. People who want to become doctors wouldn’t mind taking a look at a wounded knee even as children, and people who have a natural talent in dancing would take every chance they get to show off their dancing skills whenever a song plays on the radio.

However, there are other people who don’t find it as easy to figure out what they would like to do for living. Perhaps that’s because they are good at doing many things and can’t really decide what the most suitable career path is for them to follow.

If you find yourself in the latter group, I am sure you will benefit from reading this article as it can give you pointers as to what career you should actually have. Upon making that tough decision, you need to be thinking across the following four perspectives:

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#1 A career you are good at

Make it your goal to find out what you are really good at. If you haven’t yet discovered what your hidden talent is, then you should challenge yourself a bit. Try out different things and assess how quickly you can learn to do them as well as how efficient you are at that, judging from the results. Take on new hobbies, volunteer, and experiment to find out where your strengths lie.

#2 A career that fits with your personality

In order to ensure that you are choosing a career that fits your personality, you need to be able to evaluate yourself and define what’s important to you. Assess the work environment in which you are most likely to be working and get to know as much as possible for that particular field you are interested in prior to making your decision. Ensuring that a career is in line with your ethics and values is vital to success!

#3 A career that offers good prospects

Taking into account external factors – not only individual factors that can influence your decision, e.g. economy, financial crisis – you should find a career that can withstand time and still be relevant in the near future. With new green professions emerging, there are endless opportunities for you to combine what you are good at with a job that offers good prospects in the years to come. Do your research, ask career experts and look at future industry trends to learn which careers are expected to be in demand for the years to come.

#4 A career that you enjoy

You know what they say: “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work another day”. Although it’s difficult to do what you love and still manage to make enough money to support yourself and family, this is not impossible. Find a career that you enjoy and you will live a happier and more productive life.

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Despite the fact that these four elements should be taken into account prior to making a decision, most people don’t. In order to ensure you are making a well-informed career decision, take these factors into consideration.

How did you manage to find your true calling? Feel free to share your experiences in the comments section below…