What do your Aura Colours Say About you?


Did you know that everything that breaths and needs oxygen to stay alive has an aura? Your aura is the magnetic energy field that surrounds your body which can be felt, sensed and even seen! You know they exist when you approach someone who’s really angry and you get a strange feeling and bad energy or when you come across someone who’s truly happy you feel their positive, good energy.

Just like Chakras control the system of the energy that’s inside your body, your aura radiates the energy that’s outside of your body. In a way, your aura describes your thoughts, feelings and emotions and everything you experience in any given moment!

What is Your Aura?

Your aura has many different colors which are reflected by your feelings at all times. These colours will obviously mean completely different things to different people depending on the situation they are in. Truth is, auras can actually help you gain an insight into the spiritual, emotional and physical aspects of other human beings assessing their intentions, personality characteristics and future destiny.

The Aura Colours

In terms of discovering your aura, the colours of auras can have meanings and can help you understand what other people are feeling. To make it easier for you, here is the list of aura colours that explains what each one means:


If you have a red aura it means that you are an enthusiastic and energetic individual. You are adventurous with food, travel and sexual partners. While you are often reckless and want to try new things, you can lose your temper or interest easily. Your strong determination, however, will get you high on success once you decide to commit yourself to a project and become very wealthy.

Key characteristics:

  • Direct and stubborn
  • Very competitive
  • Leadership
  • Entrepreneur


If you have a yellow aura it means you are a very intelligent, analytical and logical individual. You are a hard worker up to a point of putting your job as top priority. As a yellow aura person you don’t mind loneliness, although you can get depressed or stressed easily. You have good observation and communication skills and you would excel in a career in teaching or science.

Key characteristics:

  • Unconventional thinker
  • Extreme interests/hobbies
  • Experiment with different ideas
  • Confident and very self-critical


A pink aura indicates that you are a loving and giving individual who likes to be surrounded by close family and friends. You are more prone to looking after yourself through having a  good diet and regular exercise and you are very romantic and faithful to your partner. You hate injustice and conflicts and you are always working towards making the world a better place.

Key characteristics:

  • Natural healer
  • Very creative and sensitive
  • Innovator and great writer
  • Highly disciplined


If your aura colour is green this means you are a perfectionist and a highly creative person. You are an easygoing and down to earth individual and you have a fine eye for beauty. You want your surroundings to be practical and beautiful and have a certain balance and stability in your life. You are a highly organised individual and always in tune with nature.

Key characteristics:

  • Loyal and health-conscious
  • Practical and peaceful


A Blue aura shows that you have excellent communication skills and are highly intuitive. You can effectively support and motivate others to take action as you are an exceptional organiser. Also, you have charisma and the ability to convey your thoughts and ideas effectively.

Key characteristics:

  • Peacemaker
  • Excellent politician
  • Innovator


Encompassing an orange aura indicates that you are very generous, friendly and sociable. You wouldn’t mind being the centre of attention and you would prefer to be surrounded by the company of others. Similar to those with a red aura, you are impatient and can easily lose your temper, although you are normally a very kind and honest individual.

Key characteristics:

  • Highly successful
  • Good-hearted
  • Charming


If you have a purple aura you are often regarded as mysterious, secretive and very sensitive. You are very intuitive as well and have an open approach to learning and exploring various areas that interest you. Although you may don’t have several friends and you are regarded as unlucky in love, the ones who are really close to someone with a purple aura are highly admired and respected.

Key characteristics:

  • Caring and loving
  • Emotional
  • Highly psychic


As a person with a gold aura you are known to be a highly artistic individual. You often want to be the centre of attention as you love to be around other people. Also you are a good entertainer and a very attractive individual who likes to get affection and admiration from others in any way possible. Overall, you are very proud and rarely ask for help from other people.

Key characteristics:

  • Energetic
  • Generous
  • Charming and attractive


If you have a silver aura you are regarded as a highly gifted individual. You are sensitive, intuitive, and practical and can use your psychic abilities to relate to other people to assess their character and behaviour. You are also highly adaptable and flexible and able to make the most out of opportunities that come your way.

Key characteristics:

  • Mentors teachers counselors
  • Very attractive
  • Intellectual and lucky


Those with a brown aura are thought to be confused or discouraged. If your aura is brown it means that you don’t have high self-confidence and that you appear to be very insecure. This may be because you are holding on to a lot of negative energy. A brown aura often describes a person who is greedy, self-absorbed and close-minded.


The black aura shows that individuals radiate a bad, negative energy. It indicates an unforgiving nature, possibly because you may be holding on to an unreleased anger, experiencing grief or are suffering from a health problem such as depression.

How to see an aura

If you want to learn how to read your aura and the aura of other people, you don’t have to be a psychic as it’s relatively very easy to do. Check out the following video from the Higher Balance Institute to learn how you can see the human aura within 5 minutes!


Can you read other people’s auras? Let us know your secret in the comment section below!