What Does Art Do In The Workplace?

Art is such a broad all-encompassing term that it would be very difficult to define its scope in few. So for this purpose and for the sake of simplification, let’s just talk about wall art. Not even that but actually posters in cheap frames on the walls of a corporate office. Can this simple addition of something aesthetic enhance the overall customer and employee experience?


Your space

People have a physiological and psychological response to aesthetically pleasing items. This is why we choose to decorate our homes with various pieces of art even if the art is commercial and mass produced. This personalization and beautification of our surroundings shows an invested interest in our living space. When art is used in the workplace it can help to show pride in one’s surroundings and create a friendlier environment than just bare white walls.


Almost congruous to the above entry, art creates a more intimate, inviting environment not only for your employees but also for your clients. A more relaxing environment can stimulate productivity and creativity. A non-threatening environment can facilitate difficult negotiations and even alleviate client-service provider mistrust.

Re-humanization of the space

Many corporations especially in the United States found that the large scale of their modern steel and glass headquarters seemed overwhelming and dehumanizing. They used are as a way to re-humanized and bring the scale of the spaces back to human level.

Creating Identity

The aforementioned corporations have found that their art collection can actually help to reinforce or even define the company’s brand. Certain pieces of artwork can actually help distinguish your company to visitors and clients.

Promotional tool?

Yes, art can even function as a promotional tool especially upon the acquisition of significant, controversial and historical pieces. The media loves to capitalize on, well the capital invested in art. If your company acquires a record selling piece, you will be in the headlines.

Connecting to the Public

Corporation can be perceived by the public not only as faceless but also as only promoting the corporations interest. To bridge the gap between faceless and humane, corporations invest in social outreach programs, donate to charity and purchase art. Art can be used as the face and image of the company quite effectively. Deutsche Bank and UBS have made art collecting a central pillar in their corporate identity.

Engaging your employees

Finally, art is a service to your company’s employees. They spend the better part of their day within the workspace and they deserved to feel welcomed, relaxed and stable. It will increase productivity and ultimately assist the company function in a mover effective way.

Is your workplace artless? Or is it decked out like a 17 century French Mansion. Art can be a great cultural investment and also momentary investment if well researched and consulted by specialists in the field. I’d love to hear your opinion on regarding art in the workplace. Please share it in this lovely, but plain comment section below.