What Does Feminism Mean to You? [Video]

Feminism is a word that generates much dispute around its use. But just like other social constructs and made-up terms, ‘feminism’ is free to interpretation. Obviously it refers to protecting and preserving the rights of the female population on earth, but what is the real message behind it? Can it deliver what it intends to the rest of the world?  

The truth is that sometimes people use it without being aware of what it really means or represents. So, it was quite interesting to watch this video from Cut Video that features fifty women from all around the world having their say about what they think feminism is. Whereas some referred to words such as ‘empowerment’, ‘equality’ other women weren’t able to describe it with a single word. And the youngest ones, well, it wasn’t their fault they didn’t know what it meant.

Nevertheless, it’s worth checking out as it gives a rather interesting view on the issue of feminism and how people react to it.

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So, do you consider yourself a feminist? What does it really mean to you? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below…