What Does Your E-mail Address Says About You?

The fact of the matter is - a lot of us made our e-mails addresses when we were very young. I'm one of those people. I was twelve when I made my first e-mail address; it involved the very unflattering nick-name  'Stewhead' which my friends had given me. This e-mail was used for MSN - the instant messaging service all of my friends adored - little did any of us know that this e-mail could not be used for potential jobs and may haunt us for years to come.

When a potential employer gets over a hundred CVs for one placement you have to think what is going to make you stand out? You want it to be your experience, a little detail about you, even your hobbies, not your e-mail address. If the potential employer sees 'xoxb8' in your e-mail address or 'princessdaniellle' or even - in my place - 'stewhead' - are they going to take your seriously? Would you employ someone who hasn’t even taken the time to change the e-mail address they made when they were twelve?

I’ve spoken to friends about this and a lot of them snob off the idea of having to change their e-mail address. I reiterate that it’s not the fact you have to change it, you just have to make another one that can be for work, all of the others can be for your Amazon purchase e-mails. Making another one with your name is the simple way of avoiding having your CV thrown into the ‘no’ pile or – even scarier – being denied the chance to sell yourself because your e-mail is so bad.

In this day of age where technology is everything, your e-mail is your first impression. Your e-mail stares at your potential employer when you send an e-mail inquiring about a job or even applying for one. Gone are the days where you could use your charm in the beginning; now it’s all about what your e-mail says about you.

So what does your e-mail say about you? Does it say you’re lazy and can’t be bothered to change your e-mail from over a decade ago or does it say that you’re professional? Yes, it’s hard to make your e-mail address original – it would just say your name – that much is true, but what is easy is making it noticeable. And, when it comes down to it, you’d prefer to sell yourself on what’s on your CV, right?