What Does Your Tie Say About You?

What Does Your Tie Say About You?

You can tell a lot from a man’s tie: his personality, his job, his mood that day. If this is truly the case though, should you really be so liberal with your tie choices? Just because you see no correlation between your tie colour and how others perceive you, trust me – there is method to the madness.

The colour of your tie is more than just a fashion statement, it is an insight into your attitude and personality. Check out the colour list we have compiled and make sure than when you wear these colours - this is the image you wish to portray...

1. Red

Known as the ‘power tie’ you will be viewed as authoritative, determined, a born leader, intelligent, powerful and wealthy.

2. Blue

A calming colour, it will show you as trustworthy, confident, loyal, mature and honest. Light blue on the other hand portrays you as youthful and spirit free.

3. Black

You may think that this is only for funerals, but you would be wrong. Wear this colour if you want to be perceived as being classy, serious, polished, stylish and dignified.

4. Brown

Not a colour you may reach for, but one that will imply you are an approachable, stable and masculine person with a humble and patient persona.

5. Green

To be thought of as a person who loves a challenge, go for green! This tie colour implies you are adventurous, a team player and are connected to nature. Not all shades of green apply here tho; lime green ties have connotations of energy and wealth.

6. Pink

Women love a guy in a pink tie! But more importantly, you will be viewed as approachable, confident, friendly and fun.

7. Yellow

You will be viewed as a cheerful, happy and enthusiastic person. Someone who lives life to the full and loves to take on new challenges.

8. Orange

If you wear an orange tie, you may be thought of as a creative and enthusiastic person.

9. Gold tones

It is unlikely you will ever wear gold tie, but a tie with gold undertones is both attractive and fashionable. Wearing this colour of tie will have others perceive you as prosperous in all areas of life.

10. Purple

Not a common colour for a tie but nevertheless, a colour that will give off a positive impression to those who see you in it. You will be viewed as artistic, empathetic, passionate and a visionary.

11. Multi-coloured

The most daring of them all is the multi-coloured tie. If you want to catch peoples’ attention and stand out from the crowd, go for an unforgettable yet fashionable array of colours.

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