What Employers Look for in Potential Employees

What Employers Look for in Potential Employees

Have you been looking for a job for a long time to no avail? Do you feel that you have tried your best to draft the best cover letters and resumes, but nothing seems to work? Worry no more. This article will shed some light into what employers look for in a potential employee.

In order to see your efforts pay off, there are a few things you need to consider when sending out applications to your dream companies. Research has shown that the top five most desired characteristics recruiters look for in employees include:


When it comes to employment, the most desired trait in potential employees is commitment. Employers want to be sure you will put your all in your new responsibility. The ability to prove that to them puts you in a place which earns you trust with your probable employer. Therefore as a job seeker, do not shy away from mentioning past experiences which show commitment to a task. You could throw in an example of a time when carrying out a project made you work overtime to beat the deadline. This gives them assurance that you work hard to finish your tasks on time which will definitely help land you the job.


It’s ironic how even people that often lie do not appreciate being lied to. No one finds any attraction to people that do not come off as honest. Recruiters are particularly harsh when it comes to cases of dishonesty displayed by jobseekers. They will not even waste time reading through your applications if they sense any dishonesty. Since this is a grey area as it can be difficult to pinpoint honesty from resumes, you will stand out if you include a past experience which displays how honest you are. This could be the way you handled a case of lying amongst your workmates that you solved.


Honesty really comes through trust. When your boss trusts you with a task or anything concerning the company for that matter, the sky is the limit for you. It is definitely a plus to have the full confidence of your employer. They don’t want to be your babysitter, their time is far too important to follow you around. After all, they pay you to deliver. Therefore mention a situation in the past that brings out the trust issue in you and see how many job interview invitations you will receive.


Trust and honesty can only be proved through accountability. Do you have people in your life that guide you in your career by coaching you closely? And can they be contacted to ascertain the truth of some of the instances you have included in your Curriculum Vitae? I hope the answers to the questions above are all yes because the opposite will hurt your career in the worst way imaginable. Else, it’s time to bring out your accountability side let the world know why you are the best candidate for the job.


If you are a jobseeker with high hopes of landing a great job, you must be ready to prove your flexibility for different jobs. By flexibility I mean work environments, geographical locations, and work experiences. You will be in a better position if you have handled different jobs located in different cities in the past. It would be of utmost importance to put potential employers in the know about these jobs as it shows how adaptable you are.

Only jobseekers that want success can pay attention to the characteristics above and run with them. Join them if you desire a change in the way you draft your CV and cover letters and see how you will get noticed. Best of luck!