What Every Blogger Needs to Know About Going Viral

Going viral is the dream of every blogger in the world. If and when it does happen, you need to be prepared for it. Going viral can come at any time, but fading away again can also happen at any time. In this article, we’re going to discuss some of the things you need to know about going viral.

What You Need to Think About

Start with the loading time. You need to be working with a web host that can handle a sudden influx of traffic. Images that take an age to load won’t help your blog prosper, and it may even cause it to fall when it comes to your place in the Google search rankings. Work with a host that allows you to easily upgrade capacity.

But of course, when your blog goes viral you still have to keep people on the site. One post going viral isn’t enough to keep people coming back for more. Leave a call to action to encourage people to keep coming back for more.

Part of making them come back for more is how you take advantage of going viral. Ads are perfect for viral blogs, but you need to strike the balance between revenue and irritating people. This is very much a personal decision.

Knowing When the Viral Bug Arrives

Going viral is often portrayed as something entirely random. You have no way to tell when it’s going to happen. At the same time, though, there are ways to prepare for going viral. By studying what makes blogs go viral you can get a rough idea of when you’re about to go viral. Of course, you can’t narrow it down to a specific date and time, but you can get a rough idea for when an influx of traffic is going to arrive.

Researching Content

Most bloggers don’t really think about what they’re going to write about in advance. They write whatever they’re in the mood for at the time. Whilst there’s nothing wrong with that method, if you want to go viral, you need to study what’s likely to be shared and what isn’t. Take some additional time and put some thought into what you’re going to write about.

Viral Doesn’t Equal Rich

Ad revenue won’t make you rich. Going viral is a simple advancement in the blogosphere. It’s not something that’s going to change your life straight away. This is what you need to get through your head now or you’re going to wind up disappointed.

There are ways to monetise blogs, but most prominent bloggers either have multiple viral blogs or supplement their income with podcasts and live speaking.

What is the Reality of Viral?

We have been made to believe that viral posts mean a huge spike in traffic. This is wrong. Going viral gives you a sustained boost in traffic, but it won’t be a huge one. You won’t net hundreds of thousands of new readers with most viral posts. The work has only just begun because now you have to keep posting intriguing content to hold your new readers.

Temper your expectations now.

Public Image 

Most viral posts are often ones that create controversy, whether you intended it to or not. Prepare to deal with the people who’re going to be offended. You will have to put up with both exceptionally nice and extremely nasty comments. Some prominent bloggers have even received death threats. Are you prepared to deal with your new public image?

If not, you may want to consider whether you really want to be a successful blogger in the public spotlight.

Do you have a viral blog? Has going viral made a big difference in your life? Your thoughts and comments below please…


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