What is an Employee Background Check

When hiring an individual to work for and represent your organization it is vital that you carry out an employee background check to avoid any issues arising from negligent hiring. Therefore most organizations are legally obligated to conduct a background check on all potential employees they wish to hire. The degree of scrutiny attached to background checks is dependent on the company policy as well as the government regulations. It can vary from an internet search to an extensive criminal record search.

It is advised that each company establishes their company policy in regards to checking a potential employee’s background and comply by this in order to obtain relevant information in regards to employees. Due to the expansive development of social media, recruiters have the advantage of obtaining instantaneous results by simply searching for a candidate in an online search engine.

An employee internet search is the most recommended tool to perform the most basic employee internet search as it lets the recruiter get a first impression on a candidate. If individuals are registered on social networks such as Facebook or Twitter and their profiles are public, recruiters can easily access this information and establish whether or not they wish to pursue the an applicant.

Information on social media platforms offers recruiters an insight into the candidate’s personality as well as their background. Recruiters are advised to form a basic opinion of the candidate as information that is posted on public profiles can often be misleading.

Some companies tend to contact a potential employee and inform them that the company will be performing their routine background check. This enables the employees to be aware of the recruitment process and possibly remove any inappropriate images or comments from their public profiles. However if candidates remove their profiles and extract themselves from social media, it may be a signal of suspicious activity for the recruiter.

Performing a background check is part of the routine of hiring a new individual in a company therefore recruiter should be aware of the process and should establish a procedure in the company policy. It is one of the methods of seeking out good candidates for the company and prevents the chances of negligent hiring to a great extent.