What is CELTA?

CELTA Girl Studying

CELTA, which stands for the Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults, is a professional certification that is acquired by individuals who wish to teach English as a foreign language in a range of international locations. It enables individuals with little or no experience to receive a globally recognised teaching qualification that gives them the opportunity to teach English to adult learners in numerous countries located across the globe.

Whilst taking the CELTA certificate you will acquire a broad range of transferrable skills:

  • Learn how to be an effective teacher
  • Gain practical teaching skills and advice from professionals
  • Gain hands-on experience with teaching

Students will be required to complete a number of assignments, including four written assignments, as well as a six hour teaching assignment. All assignments must be successfully completed and passed in order to be awarded the certificate.

CELTA is one of the most widely recognised qualifications for those who wish to teach English as a foreign language to adults. It is a Cambridge certified qualification that assesses a broad spectrum of factors, including one’s ability to teach over a series of six hour installments. It has high requirements and only allows those who attain a high standard of teaching to gain certification.

Once the certificate is acquired you will be in a position to teach English as a foreign language in numerous countries located across the globe. With a CELTA certificate, you will have the freedom and flexibility to travel the world, whilst obtaining guaranteed employment along the way.

Some of the many countries that accept the CELTA certificate include Vietnam, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Greece, UAE and Malta. Once you have acquired your certificate, you will be free to apply for jobs internationally and begin your teaching experience in the overseas location of your choice.