What Is Commuting Really Costing You? [Infographic]

Do you take the bus, the train or drive up to work? Chances are, you are spending too much money on your commuting. Here’s how much you’re giving away.

Have you ever wondered how much money you are wasting on commuting? Given that the average UK commute is 15km, lots of Britons spend a significant proportion of their time and money every day driving their car and taking the bus or train. When driving a car, apart from the running costs you also have parking costs that may reach up to £3,815 per year – if you are living in London– that only add to an already massive monthly expenses budget.

To help you take better control of your finances and the time you spend commuting, this excellent infographic from Quid Corner explores the different transportation means and helps you calculate how much your commute is costing your wallet, wellbeing and the environment.

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Have a look through this infographic to find out how your commute is affecting your life depending on the transportation method you are using. Can you figure out how much it costs you each year? Let me know in the comments section below…




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