What is Your Hidden Talent?

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Where do your true talents lie? While this sounds like an easy question to answer, often it’s not as most people find it difficult to determine what they are actually good at. Despite the fact that you have special talents, you may find that you are not so good at pinpointing them down and ultimately, describing them to others.

On that note, it is important to identify your own hidden talents – not only to become more self-aware, but also to help you develop career wise. If you manage to recognize your natural talents, you will be in a much better position to promote yourself, articulate and sell your skills to potential employers.  

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So, how are you going to do that? Even from a relatively young age you can tell whether you are talented at something and what you are not so good at. If you feel you still haven’t identified your hidden strengths, you may find the following information useful.

Here are some ways you can discover your hidden talents:

#1 Determine what is easy

An effective way of identifying a hidden talent is assessing what’s easy for you. This suggests that if you find an assignment that’s relatively easy for you to complete, you are most likely to be good at it. Your goal here should be to judge yourself by the way you do it; how effectively and how quickly you complete a given task. If it helps, put a time limit on yourself while you are at it and assess the final result.

#2 Find out what you enjoy most

What do you love doing during your free time? What helps you relax your mind and express yourself better? If you are drawn toward painting or playing music for example, it could mean that this is one of your hidden talents and you might have more chances to succeed in your career as a painter or a musician.

#3 Take a personality test

Psychometric testing is another excellent way of assessing your key strengths and there are currently many personality tests that can help you recognize your hidden talents. With the new testing platform Test Yourself from Find Employment, you can discover your personality traits and find out where your true passion and motivation lie to help you identify what’s the most suitable career path for you.

#4 Listen to others

For you it is easy to miss your natural abilities, but it may be easier for other people to identify. Think back to what your parents and friends have been telling you you’re good at through the years, but that you didn’t quite listen to. These people are probably the best judges of your talents as they have witnessed you grow up and know what your weaknesses and strengths are.

Following these tips can help you identify what you are truly good at and point you in the right direction. If the strengths you own can predict whether you could be successful in a particular career field, cultivate your talent and see where this takes you.

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Have you managed to determine what your hidden talents are? Let us know in the comments section below…




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