What It's Like To Be a Working Mum That Does Everything - Infographic

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“How do you manage it all?” Working mums hear that question quite often, but only they know how they manage to find a balance between their work and family responsibilities. Being a mum with a career means you have to be on top of everything.

Believe it or not, the burden that mums carry on their shoulders includes doing 26 little chores and 12 major task each and every day, such as doing the school run, organising meal times and handling domestic chores.

In a previous US survey by Ladders, balancing a career and a family was a major struggle for 87% of women who are, or soon will be, working mothers, with 55% admitting that “excelling at both is overwhelming."

Another study conducted in the UK also agrees with previous findings and shows that the average British mum has a mammoth list of ‘little’ jobs to remember throughout the day. This according to the study has led to mums:

  • Finding it hard to remember everything they need to every day (80%)
  • Forgetting to pick up their child from school (1 in 8)
  • Arguing with their partner about having to remember everything

Some of the most important things working mums should remember are:

  • Remembering lunch boxes
  • To do the laundry
  • Remember key dates, like friends’ birthdays/anniversaries
  • Making sure kids have a good meal to come home to

If you are a busy working mum and feel a bit guilty about missing little milestones in your children’s life or struggling to excel in both professional and family life don’t worry, you’re not alone. Check out this infographic by Jul-Eye to view a bunch of other interesting findings about working mothers.




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