What It's Like Working as a Promotional Model

Inspired by all the tech magnificence oozing off my screen, courtesy of this year’s CES, I thought I’d look at something a bit more human than the autonomous human carrying drone. Booth Babes, Booth Bunnies or more politically correct Promotional Models have become a staple of the male dominated electronics conferences/trade-shows across the globe. Generally, Promotional Models are young, attractive models that entice conference goers to look at a company’s products and promotional material. But is this nerd-filled world darker than the neon lit bras reveal? Let’s take a look and see what it’s like working as a booth babe.

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It’s a Side-Gig

For most Promotional Models, conferences, expos and trade-shows are just side jobs. Side jobs which pay decently. Most are aspiring models and actresses, but many are hopeful game designers, comic book artist and gamers that jump at the opportunity to attend an event like CES or Comic-Con and even make money doing so.

Get An Agent

Although it is a side gig, the best way to get hired is through an agency. One of the biggest and most reputable is called Umbrella Girls USA, a San Francisco based company and Cre8 Model Agency (also of San Francisco) that represents models that are sent to conferences, expos, races, promotional and private events. The woman that was interviewed in this article said that during convention season, she had towork every day. So, it’s definitely worth having someone to send you the gigs.

It Pays By Height

Yes, you read that right. Models working events get paid by height according to this article. Shorter models are paid $30 an hour whereas taller models cha-ching a $50 dollar note every hour. Others are paid by the day, the pay ranging between $100-$170. Beyond that, the requirements get a little crazier; you get one hour to prepare with the promotional material/pitch before the show and often have to wear revealing clothes, sometimes even emblazoned with the company’s logo that you are representing, like a human race-car of sorts.

Not Just Looks

The models aren’t just there for their good looks either; their job is to also interact with event visitors, bringing them into the booths and look at the company’s products that they are representing. Although their looks can help bring people over in their direction, the models need to be articulate and as knowledgeable as they can be about the product/s they are promoting.

The Dirty

So, I bet you were expecting the down and dirty part for a while now, didn’t you, you skivvy little perv. Well, there really isn’t one. Most of the patrons are respectful if not so bashful that they even avoid eye-contact. Sure, with such a huge volume of individuals you are bound to find the one idiot that will touch a person inappropriately, but the woman in the interviews said they are few and far between. The strangest side of those types of creepers is that the woman has to reject them without making them angry and damaging the product’s name.

Do you know anything else about booth girls? Let us know in the comment section below.




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