What Kind Of Staff Do I Need For A Successful Digital Advocacy Campaign?

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Online political campaigns are not what they used to be.

In the past, digital advocacy campaigns were run by webmasters. These days, you would be directed to a communications staff or a content curator, and may never need to speak to a webmaster.

We’re seeing candidates win over their audiences using Twitter through personal content. Articles are being written to cater to those who may not be able to watch a speech live. All these digital mediums require an expert to execute properly.

What Do I Need A Team For?

There are several aspects of a political campaign. You may not have the time to focus on the digital side, which these days are essential in maximizing audience reach. In order for a digital advocacy campaign to be successful, you have to know when your audience is online, times to send out tweets, engage your political followers on multiple platforms and gather hard data.

Not to mention, all this should be done in real-time.

While you’re out giving a speech, you may not be able to answer your online audience’s questions. While you’re sleeping and your competition’s commercials are airing, the last thing you have time for is to go on Twitter and reassure your followers.

Top 5 Positions For Digital Advocacy Campaigns

Channel Management: Digital advocacy campaigns can be executed on several online platforms. These include emails, social media, website, forums, mobile and TV. Since you want to establish a strong presence in each channel, you need a manager to help make sure your voice is being heard.

Content Curator: Content is needed for every platform that you choose. For political candidates, this is essential. Content curators create posts, comments, articles, images and videos according to the views of the digital campaign. Apart from creating content, curators also scour the internet for shareable posts. They have knowledge in trends, based on their online experience.

Community Management/Audience Building: Digital platforms need engagement. It’s a lot of work. A community manager replies to visitors and comments. They also remove spam and harmful content. A community manager’s job goes beyond the typical 8-5 work day. Most stay glued to their devices 24/7 throughout the campaign.

Analytics: Online political campaigns rely on data to maximize their reach. An expert in analytics will provide you real-time information on who is viewing your content, key demographics and feedback on how your competition is doing. Analytics experts are important because it allows the other members of your digital advocacy campaign to make adjustments in their specific roles.

Online Ads (optional): Online advertising is not what it used to be. There are new options for political campaigns to extend their online presence quickly and aggressively. Online advertising is not limited to banner ads. Nowadays, there are new creative online advertising mediums such as mobile applications, in-text ads and video ads. Online advertising is not frowned upon. Many assume that organic is the only way to go for digital campaigns, but in reality, everyone uses online ads.

What kind of team are you looking to build for your online campaign? Share your thoughts below.




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