What Makes a Loyal Employee

Loyalty from an employee needs to be earned by an employer. It’s all about both parties respecting each other and making a connection that lasts and cultivates long-term dedication. Once a boss can create that lasting bond with a team member, the return on the investment in this person will be great. The individual will stay dedicated because he knows that he is appreciated and fully deserves the respect that he’s earned from his superior. If you’re in management and want to keep your employee from leaving, consider the following six factors that make a loyal employee.

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1. Community Atmosphere

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A big factor in developing devotion with your workers is to foster a community atmosphere in the workplace. If employers take their cues from companies like Google—who nurtures a community atmosphere by fostering team spirit—that will help to make loyal personnel. Google offers gourmet lunchrooms, specialty coffee bars and fun recreation rooms where the personnel gets to relax and that helps them cultivate a positive community environment. As a boss, consider taking the necessary steps to make people fall in love with the positivity of the office. The key is to make employees have so much fun hanging out with colleagues that they enjoy coming to work each morning.

2. Creative Outlet

Allowing people to tap into their creative side is an important building block in creating steadfast individuals. We all have a creative well deep inside us—that once permitted to flow without restrictions—allows us as individuals to freely express who we are and how our personalities play out on a day to day basis at work. If management hinders their staff from getting creative and stops their freedom of expression, that can promote negativity and resentment rather than a positive and professional attitude. Devoted people stay where they are allowed to blossom and grow.

So, the next time you’re ready to revisit the dress code and reprimand some employees from expressing themselves in their wardrobe, take a moment before laying down the law. Sure, you want to have a professional atmosphere in the workplace. However, if you want to create lasting allegiance among your team members, encourage them to tap into their creative side.

3. Management Recognition

Most people like to get complimented for a job well done. We’re human after all and it’s nice to know that we’re appreciated for doing good work. So, get busy paying attention to how well your team is doing and stop being so quick to focus on negative behavior. Of course, you need to reprimand people when they make mistakes. However, there is so much more power in recognizing the achievements of individuals, because recognition from management helps motivate people to keep working. When people know that you see them as a valued member of the team, that will inspire continued dedication on their part to the success of the company. That means they’ll continue to work diligently and productively.

4. Job Connection

Employees who feel connected to their job are more likely to stay faithful to the company. They’ll want to pursue future promotions in the company rather than look for career advancement in another company. Having a connection with your job means that you have found your groove and are doing what you love. Sure, you may have issues every now and then. Yet, you’re good at your job and you know it. Problems don’t seem insurmountable. You are so in sync with your daily job tasks that they have become second nature to you. When new challenges arise, you actually relish the opportunity to attempt to solve them.

Managers can instill fidelity in their people by making sure that the right person is placed in the right job. It’s so important for a boss to pay close attention to how well suited a person is to the daily job requirements. If someone is hired for a position that is out of his realm of understanding, that will only serve to make the person easily frustrated when the work does not get completed.  

5. Employee Benefits

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People need to work so that they can earn a living and pay bills. If they are only scraping by and living paycheck to paycheck, that does not promote financial stability. These individuals will not feel devoted to their boss because they need to be constantly on the lookout for ways to make extra money. That may include trying to find a new job. When a person has stability in their finances, their stress level is decreased. That means as an employer, it is vital that you offer excellent benefits packages to your workers. You need to find a way to keep them devoted to your employment.

Provide for their needs and they will reward you with reliable behavior and productive work activity. Your provision of a comprehensive medical insurance plan—as well as other benefits such as vacation, personal days and maternity leave—will instill commitment. Individuals won’t have any need to seek employment elsewhere. Personnel benefits also include things like offering people the opportunity to participate in a mentoring program with management mentors or coworker mentors.

6. Employer Promises

A final factor in generating loyalty is to keep your promises as an employer. If you say that family is important and you consider your staff to be part of one big family unit, then don’t be quick to renege on that promise. Do whatever it takes to keep your part of the bargain and run a company that is productive and thriving. You want your team members to feel that they are part of a business that won’t soon be falling apart at the seams. Job security is important to people; especially in these hard economic times when unemployment is running rampant and seasoned workers are not getting paid what they used to receive, while new workers in the workforce often cannot find work immediately after graduation.

So, if you want to build a team of devoted individuals who are dedicated to being productive members, be diligent in keeping your promises. Inspire faithfulness by behaving in an ethical manner and owning your actions. Work hard at being a reliable proprietor whom people can trust. If you do break a promise, don’t sweep it under the rug like a dirty secret. Own up to it and try to rebuild the trust you’ve worked so hard to cultivate with your team members. They will respect you and continue faithfully in their jobs.

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So, have you worked hard to earn the allegiance of your employees? If personnel turn-around is on the rise in your company, you may need to consider a change in your behavior and how management has been operating. You can work on any of these six factors in whichever order works best for your current workplace situation. Just be sure that you are making an effort to do what’s best for everyone and the company as a whole.

As an employer, have you cultivated any of these six factors in the workplace in order to develop loyal employees?

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