Marissa Mayer’s CV Tips and Tricks

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Although you might not have been in the top fifty-first Google employees, you can still format a similar CV to Marissa Mayer and the infographic below should help you format your CV or resume in a visually stunning and easily navigatable way.

This infographic produced by Enhancv presents a ‘resumegraphic’ listing all of the key positions Marissa held before she became Yahoo’s CEO. It provides a summary of her key achievements, skills and interests and lists some of the greatest awards she gained during her career. Have a look and find out what you don’t know about this famous business leader.

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Marissa Mayer is a female tech industry success

Perhaps the most successful woman in the tech industry, Marissa Mayer has earned her title fair and square. This ambitious woman began her journey as a student at Stanford University and chose to pursue a career in a male dominated industry, studying Symbolic Systems and Computer Science.

Mayer’s career was an upward trajectory from the moment she graduated, when she received an astounding 14 job offers. But, she chose to become Google employee number 20. She went on to work for Google for almost fifteen years where she had a significant impact on how we use the web every day.

Shortly after leaving an impressive mark on Google, Mayer became the CEO of internet giant Yahoo. She tried to return the company to its previous glory before Google became such a behemoth. Mayer not only grew the company’s existing technology portfolio but also frequently enacted alternative HR policies and systems. But, despite her best efforts, Yahoo could not be saved. However, there was a silver lining for her as not only had she made it onto Forbes 40 under 40 lists but is considered one of the 16th most powerful business people globally.

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If you are impressed with Marissa Mayer’s CV, why not create your own? There are many different templates to choose from, and who knows one of them might just get you hired.

I imagine everyone wishes they had a CV similar to Marissa Mayers. Have you ever tried to emulate it?


This article was originaly published in May 2016.