What’s It Like to Work in Childcare?

If you’ve chosen to spend your adult life working with children, well then you are a pretty special person, aren’t you? It takes a lot of courage to commit to that lifestyle because in all honesty children can demand so much from you. By the end of every day, you’ll be like a walker straight out of The Walking Dead. You’ll have no energy left; you’ll be physically hurt from all the things you’ve had to bump into throughout the day, and you’ll also be emotionally wrecked.

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Working in childcare is a future-proof career. In the not so distant future, when robots will be the IT thing to have, it’s highly unlikely that a lot of people would opt to leave their children with a robot, so it’s safe to say that you’ll always be in demand.

1. It’s Never All Fun and Games

While you’d expect that most of your day would be spent playing with children and making crafts, the reality is far different. There’s always that one child who’s not willing to cooperate and who would much rather spend his time banging his head on the wall–because why not?- or throwing a tantrum because another kid has the blue pencil he wants. So, while the rest of the kids will be busy making art, you’ll be missing that in order to make Timmy understand that sticking coloured pencils up his nose is not considered art.

2. Clean Up

Have you ever noticed how messy kids are? If you’ve never lived with one as an adult, you can’t even begin to understand the havoc kids can create. When they leave a room it’s like a bloody war zone, there are toys everywhere, food everywhere and possibly a bit of snot, or let’s be honest: a lot of snot.

For toys to be usable again they need to be clean -germ-free clean- and tidy, which means that it falls upon you to sort the mess out. So, if you are in the childcare business, a lot of your time is probably spent picking bread crumbs off the carpet and wiping toy cars clean.

3. Toilet Trips

What Maisie Knew

You know what’s really bad about sippy cups? The fact that kids like to use them to drink a lot, which means they need to pee a lot, and unless they are potty trained this equates to endless toilet trips.

In a class of six, if one kid says that he needs to use the toilet, then the other five will follow in a heartbeat. What’s worse is that it’s almost guaranteed that a feud over who’ll go first will eventually break out, which will result in someone crying and/or someone being pushed, all the while you’ll be helping another kid in and out of his clothes.

4. An Endless Supply of Hugs

Kids like to hug; they are cool like that. They often get sudden bursts of love for you, and nothing will stop them from hugging you. If you are their teacher, you’re basically their God, and no matter how much you tell them off you can’t mess that up. Pretty cool, eh?

5. You’ll Be Sad Every Day

Though they might drive you nuts and make you want to scream out loud, whenever you hand your kids back to their parents you’ll be overcome by a wave of sadness. Sure you’ll cherish the peace and quiet after they’re gone, but that doesn’t mean you’ll want to be separated from them. The truth is that you’ll always love having them.

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Working in childcare is never easy. It’s a difficult job to have, especially if you want to stay sane, but it’s a job that’s guaranteed to make you feel all warm and fuzzy every day.

Do you work in childcare? What’s the best and what’s the worst part of your day? Share with us in the comment section below.




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