What’s Next For the Internet?

Onward, Internet, an initiative created by the National Cable and Telecommunications Association (NCTA), asked the world how they envisage the future of the internet. The NCTA launched an entire campaign both online and offline to collect people’s ideas and share them with the community.

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Since millions of people use the internet every day and create lot’s of amazing things because of it, the campaign wanted to grasp what people think of the internet and how it can be even better in the future.

There were lots of interesting submissions. Here are some of the most creative and funny:

  • WiFi powered by light bulbs
  • No gadgets. No wires. No batteries. The Internet should just be everywhere, like the Force.
  • Everyone should have the same upload and download speeds, and no corporate control or access.
  • I want the internet to be a hive we can connect our brains into and instantly think as one collective.
  • Make the internet accessible through contact lenses.

It seems that people share a similar vision for the future of the internet. The internet is all around us, and we are using it every day to simplify our lives and transform our world. As such they want it to me more open and egalitarian. Watch this video to take a look at its humble beginnings, its further development and how you can help shape its future.




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