What’s on your Career Bucket List?

A bucket list is something you create, a list if you will, of all the things you want to experience and achieve in life. So, if you can create a life bucket list, why not a career bucket list? It is nearing the end of the year, festivities are almost upon us and the time to dwell on what we have achieved, or failed at, is now. Haven't done as well as you'd hoped for 2013? Fear not, because 2014 has a lot more in store for you. Create your bucket list now for the year 2014 and get your career in order!

Benefits of creating a career bucket list

Creating a career bucket list will help you to structure your life, direct your career path, and ultimately achieve things that you may never have thought possible. The definition behind ‘career bucket list’ is not far from the original meaning. A career bucket list is effectively a list of things to achieve before you retire, so while you have plenty of time to achieve them, there is nothing like the present to kick it off!

If you are not sure what to put on your career bucket list, you may simply need someone to help direct you. Career advisors, family and friends, even your boss can help you to figure out what you want to achieve from your career, and by writing down a career bucket list you can begin setting about achieving these goals!

Check out the most common things that make it to professionals’ career bucket lists:

#1 To be promoted

#2 To get the job title of my dreams

#3 To be named employee of the month

#4 Start your own business

#5 Establish long lasting relationships with influential people

#6 Develop a system that improves the entire company’s productivity

#7 Create an idea that increases company profits

#8 Run an entire department single handedly

#9 Become a member of the Board of Directors

#10 Invest in a new business venture

#11 Patent an idea/invention

#12 Raise my personal/professional profile

#13 Get recognition on a national or international scale for your contribution to the industry

#14 Deliver motivational speeches to groups all over the world

#15 Move abroad with my job to a country I have always wanted to live in

You should note that career bucket lists do not need to be serious, in fact you can create a more ‘light hearted’ version of the example above and base it more on personal achievements at work, such as: a Christmas bonus, employee of the month, extra holiday allowance, pranking the boss etc.

Whatever you choose to do, the fact that you have taken the time and care to create a career bucket list shows your dedication and determination to be successful.