What’s Our Future? Generation Y to Z

Isn’t it a tad bit depressing when you see a 4 year old with an iPhone or an 8 year old on Instagram with 600 followers? Sure, I know that kids are growing up at a much faster rate than ever, but come on. What’s really our future?

Where Are we Now?

“Millennials,” “Generation Y,” “Echo Boomers” and many other terms are used to describe the generation of kids born between the 1980s and 1995. This group accounts for more than 70 million people, and soon they will be fully immersed in the workforce. These individuals embrace the changes of the everyday lifestyle. They are more laidback when it comes to work. They look for a job to accommodate their life; they’re multitaskers jumping back and forth between positions. As this group moves into the labor force, companies begin seeing college graduates working alongside employees old enough to be their parents.

Generation Y is high-performance, not afraid to take a challenge or speak their mind. According to the Pew Research, they “are on track to become the most educated generation in American history.”

What About the Newest Generation?

Generation Z are the individuals born between 1995 and 2012. While there is little information about them, based on our society today they will have an interesting time growing up. They’ll definitely be more realistic, having being born during times of social, innovative and economic change. They are more technologically saturated. While Generation Y grew up evolving with technology, Generation Z seemed to already attuned to it all. They will be even more expert and internet savvy than the previous generation.

Generation Z will enter the workforce with a bang, just like the millennials which started to replace “Generation X (1965-1980).”

Let’s Think About This…

Generation Y and Z are more innovative than any other group. Could this be, however, due to the fact that not only did they grow up with advanced forms of electronics, but their lifestyle has relied on these gadgets?

If you remember 1999, as “Y2K” approached, people were freaking out because they were worried about technology failing due to a problem with computer systems that would occur as the next century began. If that were to happen in the next 10 years, how would anyone deal with it? It would be like traveling back to primeval times. Common sense has been paralysed by emerging technologies. Everything can be done with an app or with the click of a button. It would be like travelling back to primeval times.

Computers, smartphones, iPads and television have been incorporated into our education. We rely on our electronics to teach us about everything. If you don’t know something google it, where previous generations did actual research with books. They retained their information by searching through encyclopedias to find out what the world had to offer. Times are changing and it’s interesting to see what the next few years will look like.

How do you think Generation Y or Z will respond if all technology failed? Do you think that technology is hindering our commonsense making us less intelligent then we think? Comment below!