What's Really Stopping Your Career From Progressing

There are lots of articles out there that inform you off all the things you should be doing to get ahead in your career. Whether it’s ample networking, ensuring your CV is up to scratch or beefing up your online social media presence, the advice is plentiful.

What about some of the things you shouldn’t do? That’s the topic tackled by a new infographic produced by Bullhorn, who surveyed 1,500 recruitment managers to find out the biggest gaffes a candidate can make when trying to make the right impression.

Job hopping your way out of your next gig

An interesting finding first up is that job hopping was not found to be useful at all. That’s fascinating as the average tenure in a job is getting shorter and shorter, especially amongst younger people. Bullhorn found, however, that a young worker with a lot of jobs on their CV was harder to place in a new role than a 50 something who had a steady career record. Food for thought.  Indeed, job hopping scored higher than being out of work for a year and large gaps in one’s employment record when it came to ’reasons not to hire this person’.

The research went on to highlight how tough things are for young people at the moment. It revealed that it’s much easier to place someone in their 40s in a new job than it is someone in their 20s.  If you’re a 30 something, however, you’re in luck. That was apparently the prime age for finding a new role.

The data also revealed that time of unemployment was a big factor.  Most recruiters placed the crucial point at six months. If you’ve been out of work for longer than that then you face an uphill struggle finding new work. It emphasises the importance of getting back in the job market as quickly as possible if you happen to find yourself out of work for whatever reason.

Indeed, it emerged that recruiters find it easier to place a candidate with a criminal record than they do someone who has been unemployed for over six months, which is a sobering thought.

With the economy still struggling to emerge from recession with any gusto, any help we can get to boost our careers has to be cherished. Thankfully, this infographic has some good tips on the kind of things that are stopping you getting that next job. Good Luck!

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