What Sales Can Teach You About Facing the Fear of Rejection

Being a salesperson can be regarded as a cruel and demanding job. Without a doubt, this kind of profession requires enough self-motivation and resilience to keep you going. The nature and requirements of the job can sometimes make you feel disappointed, especially when your offer is being rejected by potential customers.

So, in order to succeed in this field, you need to be able to manage rejection effectively as it can definitely hurt your job performance and emotional well-being. If you want to learn how you can handle the fear of rejection as a salesperson check the following 5 tips:

#1 Be positive

You should approach each customer with a positive and can-do attitude so make sure you retain a positive manner when you are talking to clients either on the phone or face to face. Focusing on being positive is actually an essential quality you need to possess as a salesperson. No matter what people tell you, you have to always remain calm and relaxed so that you don’t seem to be too stressed or negative in the eyes of prospective customers.

#2 Rejecting an idea

In the end selling products and services, is just your job. When customers are not interested in buying anything from you and hence rejecting your offer, it doesn’t mean they are rejecting you as a person. Although it may feel like it, it’s not. Try not to take rejection too personally because it doesn’t make you feel any better and it definitely doesn’t help you overcome the fear of rejection.

#3 Believe in your abilities

When you are confident in what you are doing then you don’t have to worry about not doing your job right. Maybe it’s just not your fault. Obviously, sometimes you might get customers who are negative towards you or don’t even believe in what you are saying, but this is something that happens every day. Never doubt your own abilities and control your emotions whatever the case may be.

#4 Don’t set unrealistic goals

The daily work demands and targets you set for yourself might be hurting your job performance. Try to put achievable SMART goals so that you are not constantly feeling the pressure to contact more customers and make as many sales as possible. This only makes you feel more frustrated as a result of putting additional pressure on clients to buy your products.

#5 Keep improving yourself

The most effective way to learn how to face rejection is to keep practicing. The more time and effort you put into your work, the more you will get out from. If you keep developing your skills eventually, you will improve the way you are handling situations with clients and will gain better understanding on what your clients’ needs are.

The way you choose to handle rejection reflects your perception on failure and achievement. Focusing on excellence and constantly working towards polishing your skills will definitely help you overcome the fear of rejection. Have faith in your abilities and follow these tips to improve your strategy!


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