What to Do If You Think Your Boss is About to Quit


Do you suspect your manager is about to jump ship? Then don’t just sit back and observe him do it because this move is going to affect your career too.

Even though you should keep focusing on doing the best work you can, it is also important for you to take some defensive and proactive career measures.

So, what do you do if you think your boss is about to quit?

Keep Calm

This is not the time to panic! Even though your boss is bailing, it doesn’t mean that your job is at risk. Try to stay calm and don’t say or do anything you would later regret; stay alert and just take a step back to create a plan.

Be Alert

Is your boss leaving just the tip of the iceberg? Keep your eyes open and stay alert to see if there are other changes coming up such as a departmental shutdown, mass departure, budget cutback, service discontinuation or any other work issues.


If you see signs that your manager is going to bail, it would be wise to start discreetly researching and taking some steps towards your future career. You need to look at your job prospects and security. Be careful and see if it is time to take on more responsibilities at work or make the difficult decision to leave your current job for better opportunities. This change may not affect your career at all. But, it is worth taking the time to analyse everything and make sure your career goals are on the right track.

Work Hard

If your boss is leaving, this could have several implications for your career. For example, his departure could result in getting a new manager, a promotion or even losing your job. However, since you cannot predict the future, all you can do is work hard, help out your team members and other co-workers and generally be on your best behavior to avoid giving them any excuses to let you go.

Be Cooperative

During this transition, your boss may give you more work than you are used to as he may be busy interviewing or handling other important tasks before he leaves. However, you can use this to your advantage - you may end up with more responsibilities and who knows you may be rewarded with a promotion or a raise.

Don’t Gossip

Even just the thought of your manager quitting can be scary. What led him to his decision? What’s wrong with the company? These will be your next thoughts, and your natural inclination would be to research and find out everything behind this resignation. However, resist the temptation to spread rumours around the office - any gossip can boomerang on you, ruining your professional image.

So, no matter the reasons behind his resignation, and even if your manager is trying to convince you to quit, don’t let him influence you; just stay on the fence and remain professional.

Stay Positive

Even if your boss is quitting, don’t immediately think that this is the end of the world. You can still keep him as an important contact in your network - if not in your list of friends. Don’t ever burn bridges with your soon to be ex-boss as he can be a great reference for other jobs or even at his new company.

Keep Quiet

If you show that you want to leave with your boss, the company will find out and immediately understand that you are unhappy with your job and eventually fire you. So, if your ex-boss truly wants to take you with him let him do everything - don’t take any initiative. Then, take the time to do your homework and make sure to analyse which move will be the best for you and your career - don’t make any rash decisions.

Has this ever happened to you? How did you react? Let us know in the comments section below.