What to Do If Your Boss Catches You Lying?

You know, lying is never a good idea; this is especially true when it comes to lying to your boss. But infrequently, it’s okay to tell little white lies, like when you say you need to take a long lunch for a doctor’s appointment when you are actually having a long lunch with your friend. Or, for example, the impulsive little lie you say when your boss asks if you called that client you promised you would when in fact you don’t even know what client he is talking about.

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At first, these little lies are harmless; as long as you are careful enough to cover your tracks. However, this is not always the case. You can’t always be lucky; there will be times where your boss catches you lying.

So, how do you handle such situations and avoid being the deceitful, unreliable employee of the office? Well, here are a few steps to follow:

1. Don't Lie Again

It happens to the best of us; we get caught in a circle of lies, we are tempted to lie in order to cover our previous lie. But, this can only cause you more trouble as you will have to tell another lie to cover the lie you used to cover the first lie, and then tell another lie to cover all three lies and so on. Anyway, you get my point. So, in the case of the client call event, if your boss confronts you and tells you that you never made that call, don’t deny it because if they find out you keep lying, then I am pretty sure they will eventually fire you.

2. Apologise

So, as soon as he confronts you, just answer with a simple yet sincere apology saying you were sorry you weren’t honest about the client- make sure that it’s sincere and conveys regret.

3. Offer an Explanation


But don’t leave it there; go on to explain what your actual thought process was. Prove to them that there wasn’t any malice intended - show that you had good intentions.

So again, in the case of the client, simply admit you were a bit worried about contacting them because you know they are disappointed clients and were uncertain about how to deal with this situation properly.

Okay, so maybe this explanation won’t excuse you from lying, but at least you are being honest; we are all human and these things, unfortunately, happen. They may still not be happy, but perhaps they will be able to see the situation from your point of view.

4. Tackle The Issue Right Away

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So, if the client issue needs to be dealt with immediately, assure your boss that you are going to tackle the issue right away, or if not right away, give them a precise time frame. Or if you are unsure how to make the follow-up call ask for your boss’s advice on how to best handle it. This way your boss will be reassured that you are going to rectify the situation effectively and without any further delays.

5. There Won't Be a Next Time

Now that you have dealt with the current lie, your final step should be to reassure your boss that it won’t happen again in the future and if you’re feeling anxious about a client again, let them know that you will seek guidance from them straight away.

This way you will show your regret and dedication to your work so that you can reestablish your boss’s trust.

Of course, the best thing is to avoid lying to your boss in the first place. But, we all lie to our bosses sometimes. Nevertheless, we should all try to have an open and honest relationship with both our coworkers and managers so we can always feel comfortable in our jobs.

Have you ever been caught lying at work? What did you do? Your thoughts and comments below please...