What to Do on the Day You Lose Your Job

Losing your job is definitely one of the worst things that can happen to you, especially if getting fired was unexpected  and if you have no idea what to do next. The first day you lose your job is critical because it can set your mood for the rest of the job search period. Being totally negative about losing your job –although logical- is not going to get you anywhere; you need to find the silver lining in order to move on with your life and career.


1. Set Up an Exit Interview With Your Boss

talk to boss

I know that you probably want to kill your boss and that you want to do very bad things to them but an exit interview can help you improve as a professional so it’s important to set up an exit interview with your boss before you leave the company for good.

Ask them about the reasons that got you fired and go through your job performance in detail with them, have them list you your weaknesses and ask them how they think you can improve for future reference.

An exit interview is definitely not a pleasant experience but if it’s going to help you in your job search and your next job, it’s important to go through it.

2. Set Up a Departure Party

Having to meet your colleagues after you’ve been fired can make you feel embarrassed and self-conscious but you know what they say about burnt bridges. You should make some effort to maintain professional relationships with your colleagues because their connections and potential influence in other companies could help get you a job. So, meet with them and be open about what you want to do in the future.

3. Update Your Resume

woman with computer

If you thought you were going to stick it out in your new company you probably never updated your resume because you never had to send one after you got the job. Unfortunately you’ll be sending a lot of resumes now so it’s important to update your resume with your latest information. Include any and all new skills you’ve acquired and if you’ve worked towards a qualification while with the company don’t forget to add it. You’ll of course need to customize your resume before applying for a job, but if you have the core of your resume together, editing and reviewing it will be that much easier.

4. Update Your Social Media Profiles

You don’t need to start looking for a job straight away of course, you can give it a day, but there’s no harm in getting a head start. Make sure to update your LinkedIn profile and add any particular projects or bits of work you did while in your last position. It’s also a good idea to update your Facebook account and any other social media profiles you may have. Getting the word out there could motivate people to help you out, you never know who knows of someone looking and you don’t want to let your pride get in the way of getting a new job, so send out posts and tweets letting people know that you are moving on professionally.

5. Go Out and Have a Drink (or Two)

friends at bar

It’s important to go out on the night you lose your job because otherwise you might start wallowing and that will ruin your mood for the following day when the job search begins. Get your closest friends together and go somewhere you love for drinks. Discuss your disappointment but don’t forget about that silver lining. It’s important to remember that the job search can be as frustrating as we allow it to be so don’t allow yours to be too frustrating.

Losing your job is never easy but always remember that it’s not the end, simply do as the saying goes: yell plot twist and move on!