What To Do When You Don’t Do Anything

Whether you’re taking a break from work, searching for your dream job or maybe shifting your career, you’ll most certainly have to face a stay-at-home time in your life. Now, you may think that everyone wants to just stay at home and do nothing. And you are right. Partially. Everyone enjoys time-off for a couple of days, maybe a week or so. But not more and definitely not without having the old job to go back to when relaxing-time is over.

So what do we do when this relaxing-time turns into a waiting-time? Do we stress and take hasty decisions to finally put an end to it or do we take advantage of this spare time we have and use it wisely?

The answer is, of course, more than obvious. But HOW we manage to do that, this is the tricky part. I’m sure we all start the day deciding not to let a second pass by without taking everything it has to offer. But then, as the day heads slowly to an end, most of us begin to panic and we forget to use that time to our advantage. We either decide to go back to that job we kept running away from, just for that morsel of financial comfort it can offer, or to apply hastily for any job and any employer who might be willing to hire us.

Here are some tips for you to avoid that and to turn this waiting-time into an action-time:

  1. Make a day schedule and force yourself into keeping it.

However old and known this tip may be, it is definitely the first and most important thing to keep in mind. Be organized and don’t waste time, as it will turn against you. So make sure you spare some room on your fridge for your daily schedule.

  1. Write down everything you wanted to do at some point, but you didn’t because you haven’t had the time 

Did you want to take a computer science class once, maybe improve your skills in writing, or get your knowledge in French certified? Now is the time to do it. Try to check all the points on your list. Avoid excuses; you should always be ready and determined to invest in your future.

  1. Stay focused

If you get distracted a lot while at home, then go to the park, to a coffee shop or maybe to the library. Stay focused on what you have to do and respect your hourly planning. Make sure you plan your Facebook time too, as it can be really time-consuming. Respecting your planning and avoiding losing precious time will be very challenging. But then again, it will also be very rewarding once you get to master it.

  1. Ask for help

Make room in your schedule for building up connections. Say you’re considering a career shift. In this case, you most certainly need to meet people from that field, ask for their advice and recommendations, see what it is that you can learn from them. Meet up or take them out for a cup of coffee; nothing beats a good coffee talk on a bright sunny afternoon.

  1. Spend as much time as possible with your loved ones and your friends

It’s not all about career, money and business. Feel lucky that you have that time to spare with your family and friends. Visit them as often as possible, but make sure it doesn’t turn into a boy-do-I-feel-lonely-and-sad visit. Keep in mind that they are there to help, but you should also be there for them. Here’s a tip: show everyone how much you care about them and have them over to dinner. If you can’t cook, buy pizzas for everyone and admit you’re a kitchen disaster.

  1. Smile

As Phyllis Diller put it, “a smile is a curve that sets everything straight”. Think about it, you’ll get it.

There are, of course, some other tips to keep you on a sane track. Try to make up your own list too, this way you’ll also prioritize. Oh, and do make sure you keep a healthy diet, read good books, exercise and you don’t eat your way out of this period.

And that’s just what we do when we don’t do anything!




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