What to Do When You’re More Qualified than Your Boss

disagreement two business woman at work

Do you think you are more qualified than your boss? If yes, this means trouble. How will you choose to handle work? This article tells you what to do.

Even though not very common, being more qualified than your boss can happen. If you find yourself in this situation you may face many challenges many challenges – the pace of work is far slower that you want it to be, you find it difficult to communicate with your boss effectively, and you constantly worry about making your boss look bad. Sound familiar?

Dealing with a boss who is less qualified than you can be frustrating because this means you will be trying so hard to be yourself and at the same time get along with your boss. Luckily for you there are some ways you can handle the situation.

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1. Offer your help when needed


Good employer-employee relationships are formed with the intent of helping one other. Whenever your boss asks for your help, that is when he needs you the most. Don’t miss the opportunity to help him out just because you are feeling frustrated with his incompetence. Instead, be willing to work as a team for the good of the company. Help your boss become better, and this will encourage your boss to appreciate and trust you more.

2. Learn from your boss


Every person has a unique talent or a skill they are better at than others. Instead of putting your boss down and classifying him as ‘less qualified’ than you, take a look at his strengths and set aside the weaknesses. Perhaps your boss is more emotionally intelligent than you, a better salesperson or judge of people and work situations. Show that you appreciate your boss and try to learn whatever you can from him without you patronising him. You and your boss may be able to exchange some valuable lessons with each other.

3. Focus on your career


There is no point stressing over the fact that your boss is in any way less experienced than you. In fact, you shouldn’t even let it affect your work. Some communication problems may occur from time to time with your boss, but try not to let these get you down. It’s just because your boss thinks that you are more qualified than he is. But, if this situation isn’t working for you, be willing to work it out or else move on. It’s best that you focus on doing a good job and looking out for ways you can advance professionally. 

4. Keep quiet


Keeping quiet may sound like a cowardly thing to do, but in most cases it is necessary. Even if you find out that you are more qualified than your boss, it may be dangerous to tell anyone about it. If your boss realises that you are being critical of him, you are putting your relationship with him at significant risk and you may even end up getting fired. Whatever the situation, don’t bad mouth your boss and avoid making comments about how incompetent you think he is.

Have you ever felt that you had more experience, knowledge or skills than your boss? What did you do about it? Let me know in the comments section below…