What to Expect From a Second Interview

You have just heard back from the company that conducted your interview and the good news is that they have offered you a second interview. Of course you accept their offer but as you think more about it you start to wonder about what this second interview involves. The first thing to remember is that you obviously must have impressed them at your first interview for them to offer you a second, so stay positive. You have clearly shown them that you have the skills and experience for the job, so this second interview is more about getting to know you as a person and to find out whether you have the personality to fit in with their team.

The most common reason for a second interview is for you to meet other important people in the company and vice versa. The staff who conducted your interview would have made a shortlist for the higher ups in the company. They don’t have the time to interview all the candidates so they have a shortlist created. Another reason for a second interview is for you to meet some of your new potential colleagues. Since they are the ones that you have to work with on a regular basis its important they get some input into the decision the employer will make.

Remember that this is also an opportunity for you to ask some questions and find out more about the company. During a first interview the interviewers often have a fixed set of questions since their time is limited and can only spend so long with each candidate. So now you have a little more time try to show how keen you are. Some questions you could ask are, “What is the best thing about working for this company”, or “what qualities does it take to succeed in this company?”

Finally a thoughtful way for you to end the process is to send an email to thank the company and the employers for their time and for giving you the opportunity to impress them. It may sound simple bit it can make a big difference. Since the second interview is more about getting to know you personality it’s a good idea to end on a courteous note.




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