What to Include in a Performance Review Form

Every company should have their own employee performance review system in place; this could be in the form of a formal meeting every 6 months between the manager and employee, or involve an appraisal form being completed independently by the manager.

Even if you wish to conduct performance reviews face-to-face, it is still important that you have a performance review form to complete as this will give your appraisal structure and allow you to remember why you rate each employee accordingly.

Here are some questions and informational sections to include in your company performance appraisal forms:

Section 1 - Review of employee’s overall performance

Section 2 – Review of their problem solving and decision making skills

Section 3 – Review of planning and organizational skills

Section 4 – Review of communication skills both in written and verbal form

Section 5 – Review of team work or leadership skills (depending on the employee)

Section 6 – Review of employee’s adherence to company standards, policies, and practices

Section 7 – Review of self management skills

Section 8 – Review of employee’s performance in line with pre-determined targets

Section 9 – Review of employee’s accomplishments and achievements

Section 10 – Outline new objectives and goals for employee to work towards

Rating and scoring each section

You should have space to write comments for each of the 10 sections, however there must also be a standardized scoring or rating technique used for all employees. The most commonly used scoring method is as follows:

1 = Outstanding

2 = Exceeds expectations

3 = Meets expectations

4 = Improvement needed


5 = Unsatisfactory performance