What Will Work Look Like In 2030?


The web has been abuzz with predictions of how work is evolving, with things like mobile technology, big data and the millennial generation all contributing to a seemingly rapid shift in the workplace. CBRE and Genesis have teamed up to look forward to 2030 and try and to predict how work will look in 15 years time.

Their report, ’Fast Forward 2030: The Future of Work and the Workplace’, surveyed hundreds of leaders, millennials and experts from around the world to get their insights and ideas on how work will change in the coming decade and a half. The report features contributions from people in Asia, North America and Europe to provide what the authors hope is a comprehensive overview of the changes affecting work today and in the future.

So what did they find out? Well, three core trends emerged that will influence the future of work.

The Holistic Worker

The first key trend, which the report uncovered, was the desire for employees of the future to be engaged in work that reflects them as a person.  There will no longer be any distinction between who you are at work and who you are at home. Work will need to reflect your personality and provide you with joyous and fulfilling experiences.  It should provide employees with the chance to make a real contribution to the society they live and work in. This is also reflected in the desire to have much more flexibility over where, when and how we work.

Agile and Authentic Organisations

Authenticity was a big find from the report. Huge numbers of respondents placed being happy at the same level (or higher) than financial success. So work should not just be a means of earning money, but as a way of making them happy. Respondents revealed that they would rather work flexibly so they could spend more time with family, for instance than earn a higher salary.

They also wanted an employer that operated in an ethical manner and was as interested in providing a positive impact to society as they were as individuals. They want to work for an organisation with clearly defined values that they abide by on a daily basis.

The report went on to predict that the very nature of work will change by 2030.  “Most work will be broken down into small, discreet, comprehensible components. Each component will have a clear purpose and teams delivering will have significant autonomy and control, responding to the many of the desires of the holistic worker,” it reveals.

The Sharing Economy

The sharing economy has already made a big impact upon the world, and the report suggests that it will continue to change how we perceive work. As sharing economy platforms emerge in an ever wider array of industries, the report revealed that the very notion of how, when and where we work will shift, together with what we can expect from work in return. Whilst it’s always hard to gaze so far into the future with any degree of accuracy, the report does nonetheless provide a telling glimpse into the mind of younger employees and provides us with some insights into the things they find valuable.

Fast Forward 2030: The Future of Work and the Workplace