Where Did We Come From? Evolution vs. Creationism

We are carbon based, endo-skeletal, sentient beings, we have no idea where we came from or why we are on this rock orbiting a yellow dwarf star. For hundreds of years Scientist, philosophers and clerics have attempted to decipher this question but have only succeeded to further polarize opinions. Were we created by a Grande Engineer or the result of biological improvements for survivability?

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Other theories for the origin of life

Although Evolution and Intelligent Design (Creationism) stand on opposite ends of the spectrum, there are a few other theories, to explain the origin of life. The primordial ooze theory, which states that life originated from micro-organisms in large bodies of water. Electrical spark theory that postulates that electrical impulses from lightning created the necessary protein building blocks for complex organisms. And the panspermia theory that theorizes that the initial biological material was introduced to Earth via meteorites and found the ideal conditions to evolve into complex organisms.


Creationism bases its theories of the origin of life on biblical sources. Creationists disown Darwinian theories of evolution and believe that the Earth is much younger than those purported by scientists. They believe in a higher Being, a Grande Architect being responsible for the creation of the universe and life. They believe that the Earth is no older than 10.000 years. To be non-biased, there are people that believe in hybridized versions where life originated with God, but later evolved and accept science’s age for the Earth.

Gene theory

Scientists have found that all living organisms on the face of the earth share genes, Humans and bacteria, bacteria and alligators. Depending on physiology they may share even more genes, indicating that every living organism on the face of this world had a common ancestor. Creationists attribute species similarities not to common genes or ancestors, but to a common creator. They further assert that the scientific proof backing common ancestry and common gene theory is purely propaganda.

Evolution, Creationism and fossils

So indelible they’re made of stone, fossils are preserved remnants of ancient life forms. Evolutionary or Darwinist scientists claim fossils are ancient life forms that died and through a specific process their body’s tissues were replaced with stone. Creationists believe that fossils are a result of misleading and incorrect scientific methodology.

How could you help your argument?

From a Darwinist standpoint, there are a slew of professions that can assist in exploring the origin of life. Anthropologists, biologists and even astrophysics have added to the imperial evidence regarding the beginning of complex origins of life. If you’re a creationist, you can also pursue the same types of academic and research based professions of course with a very different perspective and final goal. Nothing that hasn’t been proven can be disproven so that might be your motivation to continue searching, exploring and asking why.

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Which philosophy do you think has the correct stance for the origin of complex life on Earth? Does evolutionary thought really disregard biblical teaching or does creationism really discredit evolutionary theory? Please feel free to express you perspectives, ideas and thoughts on the topic in the comment section below, it would be very interesting to hear from both sides of this heated topic.