Where to Find Free Business Card Templates

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Making your own business card can be quite the challenge! If you’re not a Photoshop or Corel Draw master, you may have no idea how to make your business card look professional and stand out from the rest. 

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Thankfully, there are many graphics design masters who have done the work for you! They’ve created basic templates that will serve you beautifully. All you have to do is find those templates, download them, and add your personal information. It’s quick, easy, and best of all? It’s FREE! However, apart from creating a traditional business card, you should also make sure to digitalize them

Here are some of the best places to find free business card templates:

1. Brother is more than just a place to buy printers and fax machines; it’s also a great resource for a wide range of free materials including business card templates. The site has over 100 different templates for you to use. Most are fairly basic, but their designs are clean and look very professional. It’s a great place to start the hunt for your perfect free business card template.

2. Designs Crazed

With a name like Designs Crazed, you know you’re going to get sleek, professional looking business cards that take creative to the next level! The 50 free business card templates posted here are definitely worth checking out, as they are amazingly done and look absolutely stunning. You may need to use Adobe Photoshop to edit the templates and add in your information, but the templates are designed to be incredibly user-friendly.

3. Free Business Card Templates

With a name like that, how could this website offer you anything else? Here, you will find over 100 different templates, all of which look very sleek and professional. There are no basic, slapped-together templates here, but all of them will be ideal for those who want a smart business card. You can download the JPEG or PSD format, making it easy for you to work in any photo editing software you have.

4. Business Card Journal

For more professional-looking templates, this is definitely a site worth checking out. There are between 70 and 80 templates, all of which look amazing. You can find bright colors, dark colors, black and white, single tone, simple, and complex business card templates, all of which will help you to present the best version of yourself at your next meeting.

5. Creative Bloq

As a top-notch creative website, you can be pretty sure the business card templates posted on this website are going to be more "wacky" than "professional". Still, for those who want a different sort of business card, this website is definitely an excellent resource. You can find business cards created by amazing graphic designers, all with a creative flair that will make your card stand out from the rest.

6. Pixeden

This website is home to some amazing business card templates, but sadly the best are going to cost you. The Premium templates are beautifully done, but even the free templates will give you a place to start. Definitely worth checking out.

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Thanks to these websites, you can have your business card designed and printed in no time! Know of any other good resources to check out? Leave a link below in your comments.