Which Character from "The Office" Are You Most Like?

Which Character from "The Office" Are You Most Like?

The Office television series has become a favourite amongst working professionals all over the world! The awkward situations, political correctness (or lack of), and hilarious office moments keep us motivated and grateful that out jobs and office is not as bad! The characters played in the sitcom are transferable to everyday life, and many of us know someone just like an office character, or can identify ourselves as one of the characters!


Check out the character types to see who you most relate to.

1. David Brent – Office Manager

As general manager of a small paper merchant, he prides himself on being in charge of other people. He is self-centered, delusional, and obsessed with being an ‘entertainer’ before being a good boss. He tries to be politically correct yet fails the majority of the time, and his skills are very basic, though his moonwalking and guitar playing allow him to show off to his subordinates on a regular basis. Brent is an egotistical and hypocritical individual who regularly falls victim to cringe worthy faux-pas.

2. Gareth Keenan – Office Team Leader and Assistant to the Office Manager

Gareth likes to think of himself as the Assistant Manager; however, he is always very quickly reminded that he is Assistant ‘to’ to Manager. He is responsible for carrying out the duties in the office that no-one else wants to do, and because he gets to exude a level of authority over his co-workers, he does the extra workload for no extra pay. Gareth fails to assert himself as a figure of authority and is often the butt of office jokes – usually started by Tim Canterbury and Dawn Tinsley (his co-workers). Gareth thinks he is the office ‘catch’ and believes he is the ultimate lady’s man. His self-importance and arrogance overwhelm his colleagues and he often finds himself left out of office conversations.

3. Tim Canterbury – Sales Executive

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Tim lives at home with his parents at the age of 30 and feels like his life is going nowhere fast. He dropped out of university, and although he hopes to return, he has made very little effort in actually doing so. He is uninspired as a sales executive and feels as though he is not valued by his manager or by his colleagues. Too insecure to take a leap and return to university, he remains bored and fed up with his career. Tim is fully aware of his status in the office and knows the work he does has no importance. He spends much of his time trying to prank his co-worker Gareth Keenan alongside Dawn Tinsley.

4. Dawn Tinsley – Receptionist

In an administrative role, Dawn is thoroughly bored with her job and aspires to become an artist. Her lack of self-confidence holds her back from achieving her dreams and although she talks about becoming an artist, she does not truly believe it will happen. Sarcastic and spending her free time playing tricks on her colleagues with Tim Canterbury, she gets through each day by trying to laugh.

5. Keith Bishop (“Big Keith”)– Accountant

Keith has no personality and is known only as the guy who works in accounts. When asked to complete an employee evaluation form, he simply writes that his strengths are accounts, whilst his weakness is eczema! He has no social skills and spends much of his free time talking about accounts. He is quite and keeps to himself, which means he tends to be forgotten about. Slow talking and emotionless he is a man of few words!

6. Neil Godwin - New Regional Manager and boss of David Brent

Neil is a much loved manager who values his workers and know how to manage his team in both a productive and friar manner. He is charming and professional, whilst always finding the time to get to know his staff and support them when needed.

7. Chris Finchy (“Finchy”) – Outside Sales Representative

Probably one of the most sexist, vulgar and unfunny men on TV, Finchy prides himself on being brash and overly confident. He offends everyone around him and often makes others the butt of his jokes in order to make himself look good. He regularly dishes out humiliating putdowns when in reality he is an mediocre sales representative for a small paper merchants.

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