Which Generation is the Most Successful? X, Y or Z?

Each generation holds a set of unique traits and skills that are valuable to employers. Next Generation, Ireland’s preeminent talent acquisition firm, came up with this infographic to show how generations X (1966-1976), and Y (1977-1994) compare against the next generation, Z (1995-2012).

Key Facts:

  • Generation X have the most master’s degrees while the rest primarily a bachelor’s degree.
  • Generation Y’s professional qualifications focus more on Communications with blogging, writing press releases and data analysis being the primary skills.
  • Generation Z are particularly skilled when it comes to online research, new technologies and applications, entrepreneurship and innovation.
  • Generation X are deemed the best workers overall.
  • Generation Y are not viewed as being good team players
  • Generation Z are the most concerned about boosting their people management skills.

Understanding and adapting to these trends is vital for recruiters to successfully attract and retain top talent. Check out this article to get more details on each generation’s characteristics and see how their values compare.