Which Nutritional Supplements Improve the Performance of Your Job?

Do you keep track of the vitamin and mineral content of the food you eat? You might want to consider adding targeted supplements if you are experiencing chronic symptoms negatively impacting your productivity. Each of the vitamins and minerals found ideally consumed in the food you eat contribute to specific biological functions that are essential to operating at peak levels. Every job places different physical and mental demands upon you and performance is bound to suffer when you are not getting the nutrients you need to meet those demands. Depending upon a multivitamin to carry you to the summit of your abilities is just as risky as ignoring the situation; too much of the wrong vitamin and mineral could be just as bad for you as too little of the right ones.


The peaks and valleys of college semesters can quickly fall into a routine of bad eating habits that builds upon itself. Long nights of studying or partying followed by early classes is the start of a domino process in which the routine of good nutrition you developed at home topples over one habit at a time. Making matters worse is that the energy-enhancing vitamins and minerals many students need the most tend to be consumed through the dubious means of energy drinks.  If you do insist on relying on Red Bull to get you buzzed for attending classes, at least supplement it with a daily dose of vitamin E to reduce the stress that results from the sugar crash. Add a quality vitamin B complex with added zinc as a way to further improve how your body physically responds to pressure. Supplemental choline assists in the production of a neurotransmitter called acetylcholine which is the body’s way of defending yourself against the impairment of mood, behavior and judgment that is an inevitable result of bad nutrition. 


Managers need to be able to keep the big picture clearly in focus even while feeling the stress of keeping individual components from getting out of control. Managers need vitamins and minerals that can help keep energy levels sustained throughout the day while also lending them that extra little kick of adrenaline to deal with random outbursts of stressful situations. The B-vitamin complex is a no-brainer for its effect on energy levels, but the real secret supplement here is L-tryptophan. L-tryptophan is an amino acid potentially capable of affording the greatest benefit to managers when they are actually away from work.  Taken between meals, L-tryptophan can be a godsend to the manager who can’t get a peaceful night’s sleep. The benefits can even continue into the next day as mild anti-depressant for helping to deal with the lows caused by those random occurrences of stress.  Add some lecithin as protection against the combination of high cholesterol and high stress that leads to early heart attacks.  

The Late Shift

One particular vitamin is almost universally needed in supplement form among those working the night shift, regardless of the actual job. Nighttime work means daytime sleep and that means you may not be getting all the exposure to sunlight you need. Lack of exposure to sunlight could potentially mean a deficiency in vitamin D. Vitamin D deficiencies can worsen the pain of arthritis, cause muscle spasms and promote lethargy which is probably the last thing you need when working the night shift. Don’t forget to take some L-tryptophan after eating and before heading to bed when you get home.

Healthcare Workers

What kind of nutrients would those working in the healthcare industry need more than those working in other fields? Nutrients that enhance the immune system. This is especially true among those just starting out who have not yet built up their defense system through everyday exposure. Selenium is a mineral readily available in many foods ranging from tuna to milk to oatmeal, but the selenium content found naturally in food is unpredictable. This variability is due to the wildly disparate selenium content of soil even within the same state.   A mineral cocktail of zinc and selenium supplements combined with the amino acid arginine should be just the thing strengthen the immune systems of providing care to the unhealthy.

Vocal Expression Careers

If your job security depends upon maintaining your gift of gab, you will want to focus on nutrients that protect everything between your shoulders and your nose. The first supplements to stock up on at the drugstore are B6 and lysine. A lack of B6 can contribute to the development of mouth sores while lysine can speed up the natural healing process should they develop. Anyone acutely aware that they are not getting enough citrus in their diet needs to supplement their vitamin C intake to prevent tooth loosening and, perhaps, reduce the severity of colds. Tack on a daily dose of vitamin B1, also known as thiamine, to keep those mucous membranes in your throat nice and moist.

A rash of recent reports have thrown a cautionary light on the world of vitamin and mineral supplements, but it is important to realize that bulk of this criticism has been directed multivitamins. Individual supplements should not be viewed as a magic pill, either. That said, if recognize and admit that you are not eating the foods capable of providing you with the vitamins and minerals you need, supplements are almost guaranteed to help more than maintaining your unhealthy eating habits.

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