Which Reality Show Does Your Workplace Feel Like

Admit it you love reality TV. We all do, no matter how much we try to pretend that we only watch high-class stuff like Mad Men or True Detective. There’s really no better way to spend a lazy evening than with a bunch of reality shows on your DVR, a pile of popcorn and a pizza (come on, don’t pretend you can’t eat an entire cheese pizza in one sitting). Reality shows are so much fun to watch and obsess over because they show us that our lives don’t suck quite as much as we thought they did and as humans we naturally like to judge people.

Reality shows always allow you to find something to be grateful about – you’re not in a huge fight with your BFF like every real housewife, for example. But sometimes reality shows do feel an awful lot like real life. Read on to find out what reality show your workplace feels like. And feel free to pitch your office to a reality TV producer -- after all, they’re always on the hunt for the next great idea, and why can’t you and your awesome coworkers be stars?

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1. Jersey Shore

jersey shore cast running

Everyone is hooking up at your office. Literally everyone. Okay, maybe not you, because you’ve been single forever and ever, and you like it that way. You’ve got your career to think of, after all – even if your mom and all your relatives keep reminding you that you’re not getting any younger. Yeah, you realize that. Moving on. Your office is full of so many hook-ups that it’s basically Jersey Shore. It’s gotten so bad that a fellow employee can’t even say hello to you without you thinking that they’re totally into you.

2. America's Next Top Model

americas next top model

Every female at your office looks amazing. Seriously, they should all be models. They certainly act that way – striking a pose while leaning against the office fridge, making eyes at the hot new guy who works in accounting and coming into work every day with a new fabulous outfit.

It’s exhausting. You’re just trying to find a morning routine that doesn’t completely suck, and you usually grab the first clean outfit that you see. You hate that your office is like America’s Next Top Model, but you’re not about to quit your job over it. You just might need to upgrade your wardrobe in order to compete. There goes your monthly pay check (and next month’s, too).

3. Top Chef

top chef contestants

Chocolate chip cookies. Brownies. Banana bread. Blueberry muffins. These are just some of the amazing, super yummy baked goods that are always in your office kitchen. Why? Because you work with a bunch of Top Chefs. Your coworkers are completely obsessed with baking, and they try to outdo each other all the time.

It all started when one employee brought in a devil’s chocolate cake for someone’s birthday. It was all downhill from there. Now everyone is always competing, and you probably need a new job if you don’t want to gain 100 pounds. You just can’t help it – who can possibly resist a brownie? Not you that’s for sure. Sigh.

4. Real Housewives

Every office has gossip. It’s basically unavoidable. If you put a bunch of so-called adults in the same place and force them to work together day after day, you’re going to get a ton of different personalities. And you’re going to get a Queen Bee somewhere in there. You know the type – the girl who knows everything about everyone and will make your working life a living hell if she doesn’t like you (or if you don’t learn to suck up to her – whichever comes first). Your coworkers are all either in the process of a nasty fight or gossiping about each other or sending emails about having lunch while excluding certain people. Every day at work is like an episode of the Real Housewives – just insert your city into the title.

5. Survivor

survivor contestants blonde

Every day is a fresh start, a new beginning, a chance to be even more productive and awesome than you were yesterday – except at your office. No, at your office, every day you basically go to war with your coworkers. You’re all in constant competition for perks, benefits and praise from your boss instead of the usual insults, promotions, and the best assignments.

Your office is a battlefield, and it’s a fight to the death. It’s Survivor, basically. Sometimes you get stuck at the office past midnight and fall asleep at your desk, and wake up the next morning wearing the same clothes you wore yesterday, looking like you spent the night on a deserted island with none of the comforts of home. You might as well be competing on the show.

6. Big Brother

You would think that we would be grown up enough to resist the always tempting urge to use social media during work hours. But, be realistic we all use social media now, we are like crack addicts. We all love to spend hours on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and don’t even get us started on Pinterest or Snapchat. Unfortunately, your boss has caught on (she’s a lot smarter than you think) and now all your Internet activity is being monitored. In fact, she put a system in place so every time you try to log onto Facebook or Twitter, your computer blocks you. Awesome (not). You’re working in a Big Brother-style office, and now you hate your job even more than you did before. You didn’t even think it was possible, but now work is basically a living hell.

7. American Idol

Your boss loves to dangle a prize like holding out a carrot to a horse. You and your coworkers are all super skilled, talented and creative, and the light at the end of the tunnel is an awesome promotion that you all desperately want. So you’re all in competition with each other, which has turned your office into American Idol. You’re all obsessed with getting promoted instead of a record deal, but it’s basically the same thing.

8. The Hills

Is there a cattier reality show than MTV’s The Hills? Lauren Conrad and her buds were always fighting, not inviting each other to parties, crying, whining, etc. Somehow you ended up in the exact same kind of office environment. Your coworkers are constantly complaining that they’ve been robbed of a promotion, that the boss hates them (which is probably true, let’s be real) and that their life sucks. It’s enough to drive you crazy.

9. The Apprentice

the apprentice

If you work in the field of business and are constantly on the hunt for investors, new clients, a better job, or just the love of your mean boss, then you probably feel like your workplace is a lot like The Apprentice. You’re ruled by money and power, just like the contestants who are in total competition for a pretty nice chunk of change ($250, 000, to be exact).

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Wondering why your office culture has become so familiar? It’s probably because you’re basically on the set of your favorite reality show. From Survivor to Big Brother to Jersey Shore, there’s a good chance that your workplace is like at least one reality show. They say that truth is stranger than fiction, and that’s definitely the case here.

So go on tell us which reality show your office feels like? I promise we won’t judge you if it is like Jersey Shore. Well, maybe a little! I mean it’s Jersey Shore could you blame us!





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