Which Scandal Character Are You Most Like At Work?

I am sure you have heard of the popular ABC series Scandal, starring Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope, Washington’s fixer. When there is trouble in politico land it’s Olivia and her team of Gladiators to the rescue. The ups and downs the characters go through in their work lives are very similar to what we all go through in the 9-5 world. Of course minus the murders, blackmail, cheating and sabotage. I have been tuning in to the series since it began and while the show is quite entertaining and keeps us viewers on the edge of our seats we could stand to be a little more like some of these characters and a little less like others.

1. Olivia Pope

An aggressive go-getter, who’s good at her job and does everything to protect the interest of her clients and employees, even if she has to bend the rules a little. Never showing any vulnerability but admits when she has made a mistake and quickly pulls herself together to fix it. If this is you you’re an awesome co-worker, helping others allows for a long list of people that are willing to help you when you’re in a bind. And admitting when you’re wrong shows others that you are human and lets them see they can relate to you.

2. David Rosen

The good guy who follows the rules but often gets screwed by those willing to break them. An upfront guy, confronting those who are doing wrong, no matter how it looks or if it puts his job in jeopardy. If this is you, my advice is take a back seat for a while and just observe, be wise about your white hat, no one likes a tattle tale.

3. Hollis Doyle

The perfect example of a political lobbyist, pushy, brazen, conniving, and does absolutely anything to get what he wants, and says whatever is on his mind. But on a more positive note when Hollis does see a problem he takes care of it right away, although it might not always be the best solution. Are you a bulldozer at work? Sometimes being aggressive is a good thing but a happy medium should be found so you aren’t considered the “Hollis” of the office.

4. Fitzgerald Grant

I love Fitz as a character on the show but is he a great co-worker? Would he be a good boss …hum I don’t know. Slow to make final decisions, stubborn and lives with his heart on his sleeve. Imagine working with someone with these traits or if it’s you, imagine what your co-workers are going through. Do you allow your personal life to affect how you do your job? Are you focused more on your personal affairs than getting the job done?

5. Mellie Grant

While Fitz can’t keep his mind off loving Olivia, Mellie is all about work and nothing else. Every decision she makes has a primary focus. How is this going to look to the American people and is this going to help or hurt this administration? The decision to stay with Fitz when she found out about the affair, was it career driven or 100% because she loves her husband? Nope career driven. Are you all about your career, even when it comes to personal-life decisions? Do you let how your career will be affected dictate how you make all of your decisions?

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