Who Drives Your Career?

On graduation day, every person receiving their degrees has stars in their eyes and hunger in their bellies to succeed in their career. Five years down the line is all it takes to find how much of that hunger still exists. Yes, five years is all it takes for all those stars to vanish like it never even existed. It doesn’t take much for a person to realise that they have stagnated in their career and that they have no idea where they are going from that point forward.

However, the hunger to succeed exists and is just as directionless as it was on the graduation day. For five years, a person would have learned the ropes of the game, worked hard, gained experience and would think that they deserve a leadership position in their respective organisation. However, that is easier said than done and there are many things which one would have important missed in their daily mundane battle with work.

So what would it take for someone to take control of their career and drive it in the direction that they wish to take it, rather than let someone else dictate it for them? Well, the truth is that it doesn’t take much and neither is it rocket science. However, what it does take is the willingness to inculcate certain habits and take some steps towards that desired success. Unless one is willing to make those changes, control cannot be theirs at any cost

  1. Want top Dollar? Work on Those Assets

Like every other business transaction in this universe, a commodity is as good as its worth. And every professional’s asset is their skill sets. So the first thing to do is to ask oneself, where they want to go and whether they have the required skill sets to be there. Chances are that the skills are absent, however, that doesn’t mean that it cannot be acquired, does it? Absolutely not!

Tip:   Don’t be bogged down by a missing skill set, get on top of it. 

  1. Jack of all Trades? Nah!

Multi-tasking could be a desired skill set which is almost always boasted about during an interview. However, don’t fall into the category of jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none. Yes, everyone would have heard it just right. Lack of an expertise in a particular arena could be the end of any of those leadership dreams. However, it certainly does not mean that one should stop learning multiple dimensions of their company’s work areas.

Tip: Focus attention to acquire an indispensable expertise 

  1. Work Smart, Work With Smarter

The key to success at every stage of a career is to be able to choose how the work is done and with whom an individual works with. Hard work counts, but then smart work counts better. One cannot just learn the ropes of the game overnight so it is important to choose to observe those who are smarter and then learn to do the things they do.  Working with smarter people is not just a great learning experience; it also elevates the motivation level as well as competitiveness.

 Tip: What else; Work Smart, Work with people who are smarter

Agreed that working up the success ladder is not an easy as it may sound, however, efforts in the right direction will ensure that the basic pillars for success are in place for when it would matter. Unless the fundamentals are strong enough, it becomes difficult to be at the right place at the right time to be considered for greater responsibilities and leadership positions.

Final Tip: Be ready when the opportunity comes knocking and if it still does not come, change the room.




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