Who Thought Life Was Hard? [Video]

As Jon Jandai says in order to succeed in life you first need to “learn, study a lot and work very hard” to do so. That’s essentially what we’ve been taught over the years, and that’s the reason why we choose to make life more complicated than it already is. All we do is work and work for 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week and don’t get enough time for ourselves; time which is vital to figuring out what we want from our lives.

However, life can be easy. Instead of following others, you can transform yourself into a leader, and you make your own life according to your own rules. When you do that, you realise that life is not worthy of your worries and concerns and that above all it’s meant to be enjoyed.

This video from TEDx Talks is an inspiring message to the world by Jon. Through this video, he talks about how materialistic attitudes can take control of our lives and he shares his own story about how he managed to become happy and successful by living simply and doing what he loves.

Before you go, make sure you spare 15 minutes of your time to hear what this guy has to say that will get you thinking and totally change your perception on life.