Why Advertise Job Vacancies on LinkedIn

As a unique professional networking platform, LinkedIn enables recruiters to directly connect with job seekers to experience recruitment success. The website has an estimated 175 million users, ranking as one of the top social networking platforms in the world. The primary purpose of the social networking site is to provide individuals with a professional place to connect and network within their industry, essentially ensuring career advancement and progression.

The following are reasons why companies should use LinkedIn to advertise their job vacancies through LinkedIn:

Professional Branding

Unlike its competitors Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn has the sole purpose of being professional. The branding throughout the website echoes this tone, keeping the professionalism intact every step of the way. Individuals are LinkedIn “Connect” with each other – refraining from using the term “Friend” which is dominant on Facebook. Moreover, individuals “Follow” companies for update, in contrast to the “Like” feature on Facebook. The sophisticated branding of this network ensures that companies are able to build a professional brand on LinkedIn. 

Corporate Layout

LinkedIn boasts a basic and professional layout in comparison to other social platforms. There is no allocated space for spam images or photo albums as companies keep their information as professional as possible. Each company page has a designated section outlining their services and provides their employee insight. The primary purpose of the company page is to inform its followers of the latest updates with regards to products and services, as well as any company developments.

Global Outreach

With an estimated 175 million users, LinkedIn is considered to be the largest professional social network in the world. The global outreach is unparalleled, as companies and professionals from across the globe strive to establish their presence on this platform. By advertising job postings on LinkedIn, companies are able to target a mass audience of business professionals internationally.

Vast Network

Recruiters who do not expand their page are not able to benefit from their LinkedIn profile. It is therefore imperative to build your LinkedIn network by advertising it on your company website and encouraging your clients and employees to follow the company on this platform. Companies that build a wide network are able to recruit employees much faster than others as their job posts are immediately visible to their followers across the globe.