Why Avoid Intimidating Interview Questions

When conducting a job interview it is your intention to find the most ideal and suitable candidate for the available position. The purpose of the interview is to build a conversation with the candidate in order to determine whether or not they are suitable for the role. However in today’s highly saturated market, many interviewers are taking advantage by asking inappropriate and intimidating questions.

Examples of intimidating questions

  • How many sexual partners have you had?
  • Are you willing to flaunt your body for better customer gains?
  • What is your HIV status?
  • Why are you very thin?
  • Do you have sexual interests that could affect your daily performance and working environment?
  • Are you pregnant?

Reasons to avoid asking such questions

Although in many countries across the globe asking such questions is illegal, in others, there is no legal clause against the asking of such questions and as such, many recruiters get away with it. However if you have chosen to ask questions of this nature then you are at risk of losing out on a potentially fantastic candidate who will be able to bring a great deal to the job role. By choosing to intimidate a candidate with rude, unnecessary and threatening questions, the direction of the interview will change dramatically and the candidate will be thrown off track. Candidates may also lose their confidence and be unable to continue with the interview in a calm and controlled manner.

In addition to the above, it is essential that as a recruiter you assess your reasons for choosing to ask such questions. Are you going to gain anything from asking? Is it important that you know for the purpose of the interview? Keep in mind that throughout the interview you are supposed to bring out the strengths of the candidate and not intimidate them.