Why Become an Interim?


Becoming an interim allows you to experience one of the most diverse and exciting positions available for those seeking high level business experience, and executive level career development, across a potentially wide area of industries. At Alium Partners, we’re industry leaders at the procurement and placement of interims, so if we’ve whetted your appetite for more information on agile resourcing, read on to discover our top reasons for becoming an interim!

Gain access to a wide range of different professional experiences

As an interim, you could expect to be placed in an exceptionally diverse range of companies, across a broad range of industries, which not only keeps your day-to-day life more exciting than a full-time, static job, but also provides access to a far wider range of professional experiences.

Depending on your experience and skillset, you could find yourself working anywhere from IT to retail to finance, amassing a wealth of professional contacts and experiences. This conceivably means that, as well as ensuring that you’re that much less likely to be bored again, you needn’t be an interim forever.

If you find yourself in an industry or business that you particularly enjoy working within, there’s nothing preventing you from jumping right in, once your initial placement as an interim is over. It’s also fair to say that, with the knowledge that you’ve amassed over your time as an interim, you should be a prime candidate for whatever executive role that you intend to apply for!

Say goodbye to office politics

Another, less obvious example of the benefits of spending your professional life working in a variety of different workplaces, is that you don’t have to worry as much about everyday working relationships. As cold as that may sound, few people can say that they have worked in an office environment where friendships, or grudges, haven’t made working life more complex, or even more difficult.

When working as an interim, there is neither the time, nor the need, to get involved in the stresses and strains of office politics. Your position in each interim placement will be as a result of a specific business need or goal that needs fulfilling, and your job is as simple as achieving that. Any other attachments that you make are entirely optional; so, for those that like to keep their heads down and get the job done, being an interim offers many advantages.

Greater flexibility in terms of working hours

A career as an interim provides more flexibility in regards to private life, making it a particularly desirable position for those with families or those who desire an executive position without the year-round responsibility to a single corporate entity. An interim’s need to take an active role in gaining future placements means that taking a holiday, or even a sabbatical, is as easy as not putting yourself forward for vacancies at a given time.

There’s no need to feel tied down or professionally trapped again; you simply take the work you want, leaving whatever time remains to enjoy the fruits of your labour, or have a more fulfilling family life. As an interim, there is simply a greater degree of freedom at your disposal than any other executive position.

The financial rewards are potentially greater

Due to the more specialised, tighter focus of an interim position, you can expect to be paid at a higher rate than if you were completing similar tasks in a full time role. This means that, if you’re able to land a succession of interim placements, back-to-back, over the course of a year, you can expect a far superior annual salary to what you would be otherwise receiving!

The caveat here is that there is obviously no guarantee of back-to-back work placements, so interims must get used to a degree of financial flexibility in that regard. But if you can handle the potential stress and uncertainty of never being entirely sure when your next placement will arrive, the financial rewards are more than worth the risk!