Why Being a Messy Person is Not that Bad

Why is being messy a bad thing? Your house may look like the scene of a burglary, your desk might look like a mini-tornado hit it, and the inside of your bag may look like you carry the contents of an entire room, but that’s okay. The world is filled with messy people and they aren’t as bad as you may think.

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1. More Productive

When you see a messy person, don’t automatically assume that they are too lazy to put their crap away. Did you ever think that organized people waste a lot of time putting things away and that a messy person may be more productive? Many times someone who is messy is very busy and their time is better spent on more important things and not to create order. 

2. Organized

Just because you can’t see how a messy person is able to find what they need amidst all the chaos, it doesn’t mean they can’t find it. There is a system to messiness. The pile of papers on the edge of your coworker’s desk could be a gentle reminder about an assignment. Clothes on the floor may be a visual representation that laundry day is approaching.

3. Clean

There’s a common misconception that messy people are dirty. Just because someone has papers or dirty clothes spread everywhere, it does not mean that they refuse to shower or clean their area. Messy does not automatically equal an excess of dust and bugs, it just means things have not been put away in an orderly fashion.

4. Follow The Laws of Nature

According to writer and astrophysicist Adam Frank, the universe is against order; it loves chaos. Messy people satisfy a basic law of physics and have learned how to live with the universe being exactly as it is. Organized people are doomed to continuously tidy-up and clean, while messy people accept the world and move forward happily.

5. Less Stressed

When you’re a naturally messy person, life’s everyday messes do not bother you; you do not get angry over a destroyed store aisle. Situations that inspire disorder constantly stress organized people. A messy person has never had an OCD moment because a single pencil was out of place.

6. Open-Minded

When you don’t live your life with rigid control and discipline, you’re more willing to explore ideas and thoughts that are different than your own. Walk into a messy person’s room and move a few things around. They’re not going to care. Messy people don’t mind going in an entirely different direction; they’re used to change and accept the way things are and could be. 

7. Fun

Remember being a kid and having to be taught to clean your room and pick up after yourself? Messy people embrace their inner child and enjoy the freedom to keep their room, home, and office however they see fit. Even if that means it’s not how their mother would have liked it.

8. Creative

Tidy people are so worried about drawing within the lines that they have cut themselves off from the ability to be creative and think outside the box. A study by the Association for Psychological Science discovered that being in a messy room led to creativity. In fact, messy rooms inspire people to break free from tradition.

9. Thought Leaders

Einstein, Mark Twain, Steve Jobs, and Mark Zuckerberg are just four examples of individuals who lived and worked at messy desks. The best people in their respective industries don’t care about being tidy; they care about getting the job done. Time spent cleaning could be spent changing the world.

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Messy people have their own qualities and gifts to offer. If you’re a messy person, embrace your mess and show everyone how awesome it can be. You’re pretty much Einstein.

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