Why Can’t Girls Code? [Video]

Who said girls can't code? Whoever it was is a total idiot. Girls can code and be just as good as their male peers. So, why do people think this way!

What’s preventing girls from coding? Well, if you asked the female coders I know, they would say nothing. But, according to this tongue in cheek video, it's their boobs, mood swings and all of the time they spend crying. While it's true that the industry is pretty much male-dominated, this doesn’t mean that girls can’t become computer scientists, web developers or get into any other profession that involves coding.

As Mitchel Resnick, director of the Lifelong Kindergarten group at MIT Media Lab says, coding is “ an extension of writing” or the “21st century literacy.” So, it’s pretty much a necessary skill for the future workforce, and more students should be encouraged to learn how to code. But, how is this possible when so many potential female coders are lost along the way? As this video points out, encouraging girls to pursue STEM professions is important.

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Have a look at this clever video GirlsWhoCode put together and let us know what you think in the comments section below...




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